Weekly poll #97: What attracted you most to your husband when you first met?


  1. his confidence and his heart

  2. Explanation for my vote: this year we will be growing and learning together for twenty-five years and what attracted me and still attracts me is the way my spouse looks beyond my faults and discerns my needs, and the grace he extends to other peoples shortcomings.

  3. I loved how he leaned on things! So sexy and subtle. What a hunk!!

  4. I voted for ‘physical appearance’ but it wasn’t just that. He had a naturally well built body, but I loved that he dressed ‘manly’. We attended a college that had a lot of kinda feminine guys, and my husband was a flannel shirt type of guy, sigh…I loved that so much:)

  5. For me it wasn’t the first time we met, per se. I had seen him around a few times, but the first time we sat down and actually had a conversation, I was amazed at how honest and sincere he was. I had a bad experience with someone who turned out to be phony prior to meeting him, so the difference between the two was remarkable.

  6. I chose two because they are inseparable in him: Brains and Wit. Of course his green eyes, fit body and handsome face didn’t hurt either. Later, it was his thoughtfulness that hooked me.

  7. We first met when we were 12 or 13 with physical attraction at that age – His beautiful brown eyes and long eyelashes. They still are!

  8. I’d admired him from afar; we worked at the same bank, but different departments. Big, soulful brown eyes, beautiful skin and really nice hands. His eyes really were – and still are – a window to his soul. I felt like I’d known him for years, after our first conversation. A bonus: on a summertime date, I discovered he has beautiful legs. I have a thing for eyes, hands and legs, it turns out.

  9. When my husband and I first met, it was at CalArts: one of the hippy-est, God-forsaking arts colleges (I was there for choreography/dance performance, he was there for world percussion). The on campus bible study was rolling 12 deep out of a 1700 population. So when we asked each other our reasons for not second hand smoking weed, and he replied Jesus, I was hooked. (I can’t stop laughing at this story myself, compared to the rest, but every bit of it’s true! Oh how God uses us in crazy places)

  10. I chose other, because all of those worked together and hooked me right away. I met him online, and we talked for an hour, then spent the next 8 hours talking on the phone (while we should have been sleeping, lol). He was such a great guy-friendly, outgoing, funny, spiritual/ Christian values…I thought for sure he HAD to be ugly, or wouldn’t be attracted to me if he wansn’t, but we met in person the next day, and we were also very physically attracted to each other. I guess you could say we are a success story for Christian online dating…we were married 6 months after the day we met, and for us that was taking it slow!

  11. Well, I’ve known my husband since he was 11 (I was 14). He was scrawny, ornery & annoying. He moved away to live with his Grandparents in the 7th grade. I didn’t see him again until his Jr. Yr of high school. He had def changed- he was a football player! We became quick best friends, inseparable. After several months I realized he LIKED me more than a friend. We took it to the dating level & on his way back to Sr. Yr. He told me he loved me & that we’d be married in 1993. I just laughed but he was right. I fell in love with his blue eyes, the way he reads me like a book, his sincerity, his body was good & he could rock anpair of jeans! Ha! Over the yrs his love for God, his love for his children & his caring spirit for other people are a huge turn on!

  12. I chose appearance because my very first impression had my jaw dropping at him looks. But second and what kept my interest was that we were at a mission trip training and he was actually worshiping during the worship portion. All the guys in my group were standing still and quiet.

  13. His intelligence – he was the only one of his friends who could keep up with my intellect.

  14. my hubby and i met for about five minutes at a church Thanksgiving dinner and then didn’t meet him again for a year. the first time, it was his extreme height compared to my short height, his beautiful eyes, his outgoingness, and helpfulness. When we re-met a year later, it was his total devotion to Christ.

  15. His personality and his eyes – his personality comes out so much (and always did) in his eyes. And now our beautiful baby girl has them too.

  16. I would have to say his eyes. We were in a large group of people the night we met and I don’t know if we even spoke to each other, but he sure made an impression on me. 23 years later, we are more in love than ever.

  17. My husband and I met on October 20, 1990, and we’ve been married for 18 years. The first thing about him that I really noticed was his singing voice. He and I were attending the same wedding of two mutual friends. While standing on the line for the reception dinner, I heard someone behind me singing. I didn’t really see who it was until later, and then I put two and two together. We hung out the rest of the night with the friends I had come up with, and some of his friends. We’re both members of the church of Christ, and have been for many years.

  18. his arms…… yum

  19. His mind! I LOVE the way he thinks.. he brings a whole new perspective to things.. It keeps challenging me to open and expand my own mind! He loves to make people stop and wonder; he loves shock value and making people laugh. He might seem like a jerk to some.. but he’s really not. He can just sometimes be so blatantly honest with his thoughts and he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. That is what I first fell in love with.. and still absolutely love to this day!!!

  20. To be brutally honest (and slightly shallow) I have to say I thought he was the hottest guy I’d ever seen at my church! Plus, he was one of few men who had an “extreme piercing”–a labret stud, which accented his awesome goatee.

    Turns out he was new at my church because he was a brand-new Christian; as I got to know him over that summer and watched God soften his heart towards Kingdom issues (learning the Bible, pro-life activism, etc.), I only found him more attractive! I was stunned when he asked me out in early fall! Now, less than 2 years after meeting him, we’re celebrating 1 1/2 months of marriage!

  21. He made me laugh. The second time I met him was when I actually noticed his height and complexion. Funny ‘cos he IS really handsome. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them that though. I know, I know – hard to believe but true.

  22. We basically had a blind date. Everyone who knew us both told me that he was a “good man” and a Christian, and I was glad to know that people who knew him casually knew those things about him. He looked very awkward when he picked me up, and we were both uncomfortable because we had no “history” (we had met in passing a couple of times)…but by the time we finished dinner I knew I had to know him more. He was funny and incredibly smart and weird/silly in the same way I am…and I loved the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed.

  23. I met my husband while working at Disney. We had kind of known eachother but hadn’t spoken to much. I was attracted to his eyes and general appearance but honestly he just seemed like a really nice guy. He asked me out and I told him he could take me to church. I figured he’d probably lose interest but he didn’t, he got saved on the first date. Not bad, that was more than 20 years ago. 🙂

  24. Did I already write here? This is my story too – right down to the laugh lines!! I liked that my blind date had character that would stand the test of time and grow. The attraction/love stuff grew too but not immediately. It’s grown for 20 yrs now and I am glad I made a list for husband material and waited for that blind date!

  25. His hair. It was long blonde and I just wanted my hands in it.

  26. the way he looked at me and he was smoking a cigarette, lol

  27. Kind of a fairy tale story isn’t it?;)

  28. Ok so where’s the “like” button? 🙂

  29. He was sure of himself.He actually spoke to me like a date instead of a friend and in the style of someone who wanted a relationship,not a friendship.Up until then, nearly every guy I met was timid and unsure of themselves and it shows in their ” friend style” communication.He was outgoing and easy to talk to so I never had to do all the work.He was and still is today,funny,charming,thoughtful and really knows how to make me laugh.My husband is a joy to be around.

  30. Watching him skate round the roller rink in a button up dress shirt, he seemed so confident. Talking to him, he was a vocal Christian. His spiritual side was exciting to me (still is)

  31. We both had series of hurtful relationships—we know now that it is because they were not honoring to our Lord & Savior. But this man was tired—at 22 years old–/he was tired of the games, lies & hurt. It was one of our first dates, we went out to eat and he proceeded to tell me things such as…I date only one person at a time–whether it is serious or not; I don’t cheat on people; if you don’t like me, tell me; I don’t talk badly to people; etc….and then he proceeded to say….and that is what I expect & want in return. I am looking for the real deal here and if you can’t meet those needs, that is fine, but there is no need for us to continue to date.

    I sat in awe!! I pretty decided that he was for me—if he did what he said. I married him! He still is convicted & committed. God saw our pain and gave us each other. I am so thankful! It has been 15 years.

  32. I was attracted to how he prayed. He got really deep and you could hear his brokenness for Christ in his prayers. He was real and honest. You could tell by listening to him that he knew who he was in relation to God and how respectful he was in his relationship with Christ. Also he has a loud personality (not a bad thing! I love him for it since we both grew up in noisy homes) and when he prayed he became really quiet and reverent and I found that fascinating.

  33. I also appreciated his honesty and openness with me. Before we started dating, we spent 2 hours talking about our past and were open about the sins we had and were still struggling with and prayed with each other. I had never been that candid with a guy before and had never had a guy be that candid with me either. It was beautiful!

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