Summer 2011

Just as last year, we are taking a break for the summer, but we do have some things planned for a few days each week for you to enjoy over the summer.

Each Monday, Cinnamonsticks will be finishing off the book study over Love and Respect, and that will conclude on June 20th. Starting on June 27,  Spicynutmeg will be introducing a new series on Mondays called “Introducing….”.  She wrote a poll asking which women of the bible you most relate to, and there seemed to be some unfamiliarity with some of the women in the poll.   So she will be doing a simple “Introducing….” article each Monday to replace the book studies for the summer.  (Book Studies will resume after the Labor Day.)  Each week, she will introduce one of the women from the poll, so that you can learn about her and where to find her in the bible to get more information on her.

The polls will continue throughout the summer, but will move to Wednesday until after Labor Day.

Sentence Starters will remain on Fridays throughout the summer.

We will not be answering emails this summer.  It is our intention to spend the time with our families while our children are out of school.   We will let you know when we will be taking emails again after Labor Day.

There will be things to do and material to read 3 days a week during the summer, and we will start up a new schedule starting after Labor Day when we will be refreshed and renewed and raring to go!  Thank you for understanding and have a wonderful, blessed summer!


  1. Thank you, ladies, for all you do for so many women through this site. Have a wonderful and relaxing summer.

  2. Good for you! Hope you all have a really relaxing break 🙂

  3. Thank you ladies, have been happily married for 34 years this summer. This week I opened up to my husband.. he is satisfied but I was always frustrated and resorted to masterbation for relief, your site is a real eyeopener to me.. bless you as I now hope to have the joy the bible tells us about with a little help from your site.

  4. Ladies thank you. My husband REALLY thanks you. I found this website & read up on things. Bought some sex toys for the first time ever & boy has my life changed. My DH and I are SO close & loving eachother has blessed my soul. I find myself thinking about our sex a LOT and just like I would praise Jesus when I see a beautiful ocean, when we have great sex I praise my Maker for the beautiful gift….I can’t believe I get to do this every night!!!…I am not great with the computer, so how do I sign up to get new posts in my mail box? Sorry if it is obvious…

  5. So excited to see this blog! It is about time that we Christian women are able to celebrate great sex with our husbands and not feel weird or worldly!

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