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Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


My favorite kind of date night consists of…



  1. long talks, long walks, and holding hands.

  2. just me and him having a romantic dinner, flirting with each other …and then of course ML for dessert

  3. long talks, lots of laughter, lots of touching, and awesome sex in there somewhere

  4. that wasn’t important to him.

  5. alone time at home with emotional intimacy building activities followed by an awesome roll in the hay. 🙂

  6. Surprises! Like him finding a babysitter, planning where we will go and what we will do. When he puts time into planning a date for us, I feel loved, I feel cherished. My husband just did this for my birthday last week, it was amazing! It was perfect!! And I fell in love all over again!!

  7. I’m honestly not sure. We usually just go to dinner and sometimes dessert. There tends to be a trip to a book store too. However, I’m not sure that’s what I enjoy. DH and I are realizing that we need to figure out what we actually enjoy doing.

  8. With 8 children ranging 1 year old – 12 years old…anywhere outside the house with just the two of us is a date. Even a midnight trip to Walmart is romantic. Of course a quiet dinner at Red Lobster is #1 on the list. Long talks, snuggling, and great sex are on the menu most everyday, so you never hear me complain!

  9. Dinner out, drinks and major flirtation, then some partial nudity on the drive home, leading to serious sex when we arrive!

  10. Maybe a movie or play or open mic where we get all dressed up, have a good time out, lots of laughter, delicious food, some joy riding, get home and then ML until we fall asleep on each other, lol.

  11. Sugarcookie,
    LOL I know just what you mean. We have 9 children and sometimes life is just crazy!! I remember those days well. We used to have to sneak downstairs at night to ML after they all fell asleep.(It seemed as though someone was always in our bed).
    Our baby is 9 now and “dates” are whenever we want them! We have a lot more alone time now, but I wouldn’t have traded those early days for anything.

  12. I would like a night in a local upscale hotel, with room service, LOTS of talking, playing games, some “playtime,” and a brunch out the next morning.


    A drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway, complete with a picnic. Followed by a night at the Grove Park Inn.

  13. On an average date night I would start the date off with something active and/or outdoors like kayaking, hiking, frisbee golf, tennis, racquetball, or going to the gym. Then I would either like to eat a picnic while we’re still outdoors or head home to shower (together) and get dressed then go out to eat. Of course ML is of top priority on a date night. I go back and forth between liking to do it at the begining of the date or at the end (or both if you’re up for it). It’s kind of nice starting off the date feeling very connected and relaxed, and not full from dinner or tired. But It is also nice to have the evening to flirt and build anticipation. I guess whatever feels right for that particular date night 🙂

  14. Ya think your husband could call my husband? ;0) I would LOVE that. I don’t want to plan. I don’t want to make decisions. However… I don’t want to see a guy movie either. Ha.

  15. My husband is trying, but the whole weekly date night is painful to me. I don’t want or need bells and whistles, but I do expect some kind of intimate conversation that we wouldn’t have in front of the kids, some kind of touching that shows he feels desire for me, and the feeling that he wants to be close to me. We often go to the bookstore and get coffee (a favorite activity). He holds my hand to and from the car and nothing more. We don’t talk about anything that makes me feel closer to him or that furthers our understanding of one another or that could be considered foreplay. I browse and he either sits waiting or goes off in his own direction. He thinks it is better than before when we didn’t go out at all, but he’s wrong because it excites expectation that is disappointed week after week. I need to tell him I just can’t do it anymore.

  16. I like variety: Date night is always different, depending also on the time of the year as I live in a resort area but as a whole, I am very fond of a romantic dinner or a good movie for starters and then who knows what’s gonna happen later on… and where…

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