God Bless the TV In Our Bedroom!

I know you are probably sitting there with a confused look on your face, wondering about the title of this article, but bear with me here!  Let me start at the beginning…

Okay, so my dh and I have never had a TV in our bedroom.  Don’t let that fool you though, because we are both movie addicts.  That was part of the attraction when we were teens, was that we were both so into movies.  It wasn’t unusual for us to go see three movies at the theatre every weekend.  Dramas, comedies, action, thrillers, historical fiction, military, horror, and our favorite…Human Interest!  After we married, we would rent several movies each week and get snacks and snuggle under a blanket together to watch them.  We joked to others that we bonded over movies, but in reality it was the truth.  Our shared sense of humor and taste in genres was a perfect match!

Well here we are two kids later and we have never had a tv in our bedroom.  (I mean, we’ve all heard countless speakers talk about how tv’s shouldn’t be in your bedroom anyway, right?)  Our “movie viewing” times are few and far between because although our big screen tv in the den is nice, our kids are middle-school age now and have a later bedtime.  Our ‘alone time’ in the den is almost non-existent.  When you add that to our busy schedules, it puts us into a rut!

Enter the new bedroom TV!  I decided all on my own that I wanted to get the satellite hooked up in the bedroom finally.   When I told my dh about it, he said “Well, if we’re going to get a tv for the bedroom then we might as well get a really good one!”  (He is of the “you should only spend your money once” mindset.)  So off we went and came home with a really nice big tv for our bedroom.  The next day the satellite man came out and hooked us up with our new TIVO receiver.  And since then, things have been great!  No, seriously… we haven’t had this much sex in a long time!

I had no idea what impact getting a tv in our bedroom would have on our sex lives.  It certainly wasn’t planned.  Since we now have a tv in there, we shower and cuddle in bed (ie: alone, away from said kids) while watching our movies or shows.  And that leads to massages and fondling and petting and kissing and… well, you know 😉

I noticed this phenomenon first but said nothing.  About a month after we had the tv my husband noticed it and asked me if I realized how much sex we’d been having lately! 😆

So there you go.  My story of how adding a tv in our bedroom (after 18 yrs of marriage) helped to spice things up for us!  Who knew?!  I think that this just goes to show that there are exceptions to every rule, and the next time we hear a preacher or speaker talk about how televisions have no place in the bedroom… we’ll just keep our thoughts to ourself. 😉


  1. I have to agree! I’ve never bought into the thought that your bedroom is only for sleeping and sex. Our bedroom is our retreat (nothing fancy, mind you, just OUR space) where we can relax and enjoy time together once the kids are in bed. We play cards/games–nothing like a little competition to keep things spicy! We love to snuggle up and watch a few select TV shows and lots of movies. We also enjoy just playing footsie while we read and relax. It’s our place to simply be together and everthing we do in that space fosters intimacy. We’ve been married for 17 years, have 3 kids and still have a fantastic sex life, so it works for us!

  2. I was thinking you’d say something about not having to worry about being quiet with the the in the background. We only have an 8 month old right now, but we have an apartment in our basement with people living below us. A TV may make me worry less about the volume of things. ha!

  3. This article makes me smile! Anything that promotes intimacy, relaxation, and fun in marriage is a good thing! I too have never bought into the idea that you shouldn’t have a TV in your bedroom. I can see how it could be a problem but, like almost everything else, it depends how you use it. (On the other hand, I am still firmly against kids having TVs in their bedrooms. Our youngest is 17, and he still doesn’t have one!)

  4. For me it wouldn’t work to well because I fall asleep during movies and tv shows lol! Tv is best for the living room ad out of the bedroom for us! 😉 unless my husband wants to “sneak attack me” in my sleep which he has done. Hahha 🙂

  5. I never thought about that but I can totally see how that would be. You just are more comfortable in bed. If you are more comfortable you will relax more and that certainly leads to more happy times.

  6. Haha we ALWAYS have had a TV in our bedroom and there have been times when It was a perfect example of why you shouldn’t have one but over the past year of marriage enhancing H and I have only used it for movies. Then, the one in the living room went on the fritz and H moved the one from our bedroom out to the LR well at first I was thrilled but now I find I miss exactly what you describe…the under covers cuddling and caressing and the rest. I guess the grass is always greener 😉

  7. funny, we aso have one in the bedroom, and with 2 older kids, and a preschooler, well , the older ones are up later than we are, and sometimes I like the tv on for the “noise” distraction in the bedroom, if ya know what I mean!!

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