Weekly poll #99: How long is your DH’s refractory period?


  1. I miss the days when we could have sex multiple times a day–that hasn’t happened in a few years…sad.

  2. I have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. How long after ejaculation before your husband can get another erection.

  4. I said 24 hours or more but usually he can get an reaction an hour or more after he’s just never interested in a repeat performance until at least a day or more later. He says he can’t but that reaction proves him wrong he just doesn’t believe it. I think it’s more of an I don’t want to then can’t because he obviously can. Lol

  5. But he has to sleep in between!

  6. It usually shorter than an hour, bout 15 min. Good Times! 😉

  7. My husband is 46 years old and surprises me every time as he is ready to go within 30 mins. Nice.

  8. He is able and ready to go quite soon afterward, but it takes much longer to achieve orgasm and is not as satisfying. Usually we wait at least 6 -12 hours!

  9. He is ready fairly quicly, within 5 minutes I would say. It also depends on how erotic the evening is. The more erotic the quicker he returns.

  10. My DH won’t let us test it.

  11. If it’s been 4-5 days since we’ve had sex, he’s ready to go again pretty much right away. But on average, I’d say 1-2 hours.

  12. Less than an hour but no voting for that…

    He can orgasm from his front easily 2-3 times in a hour.

    I only wish the volume was there each time. I like the feeling of a large load when he orgasms, it is fulfilling to say the least. 🙂 Has anyone discovered a way to increase the male’s volume or cum?

    I know that after several days the volume builds up but is there any way to increase that without a days wait or more?

  13. My DH likes to say that he wants to go again immediately but apparently he only says that for erotic inspiration. The few times I’ve tried to offer a repeat he says he’s not up for it.

  14. If you go on “the marriage bed” web site, there’s a whole thread dedicated to just that topic.

  15. Essentially within about 5-10 minutes depending on the evening. He is always up for a “repeat performance.”

  16. Same with my husband.

  17. I put down 12-18 hours, because that’s the usual time between intercourse for us. He can sometimes do it again within an hour, and once in awhile we do that, but it’s not all the time.

  18. Pretty much immediately since there are no answers under an hour. I am a bit floored by that??? What gives? I have never known males who couldn’t get it back again in under an hour??? I asked my husband about it and he made the same comment. Is this an age related thing?

    We have been playing quite a bit more than just intercourse and my husband can orgasm 3-4 times in an hour and more if we play that fast but typically we play longer and slower with other things taking place in between.

  19. Yes, I think it is an age thing – and maybe a stress thing, too. My husband is 48, and this is something we’ve both noticed a big difference in as he gets older.

  20. Is there anything or a cream that can be purchaces for a husband to keep his erection longer. I tried the jelqing techniques but he was not for it so I’m gonna have to resort to another measure. Anything you ladies have tied that’s effective and not costly? Thanks God Bless

  21. What technique was that again? I am not sure I understand what you typed.

    As for keeping him hard longer, we use kegels for him as well as me. He practices regularly as do I. I know what he does is not the exact same thing but he excercises the same area. He practices when tinkling, as well as when sitting around the house, he can’t do the lift with the toy/tool I do – lol – now that would be hilarious! He is able to not orgasm and maintain hardness without loss of firmness. I also make certain to keep him stimulated with certain angles of my vagina as well as visually.

    As for angles I make certain the head of his penis is rubbing the right spot to stay stimulated if he ever does began to soften, and as for visuals. I make certain there is enough lighting, mirror angles, and clear line of sight for him to see things that turn him on. We practice at this at least once a month for practice sake to keep in touch with how our bodies and minds change.

    He can maintain a good rock hardness throughout our making love as long as we keep up with everything. There have been times in the past where we became lazy in multiple areas of our marriage including this and it was the pits. I love and enjoy sex way to much for it to be anything less than what God intended for us, a way to be closer than with any other person on earth and as close to a human as I can get that somewhat simulates how close God wants me to be with him.

  22. I answered about one hour, but lately, it’s shrinking. ^_^ Sometimes I can get him again almost immediately (within about five minutes), and sometimes it still takes another twenty minutes to a half hour.

    Actually, nowadays, he DOES more typically have a shorter waiting period, more often than not. I wonder if there’s a way to change my answer, lol.

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