Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


If I had one free hour each week to spend entirely on myself, I would probably ________.



  1. get a massage….and I do!

  2. Spend it praising and praying…

  3. sleep!

  4. COOK! 😀

  5. Read.

  6. Run

  7. pedicure

  8. Read at Starbucks

  9. Me too Maureen!! 🙂

  10. exersize and get slim! i badly need it!

  11. Take a nap…I have a two year old and a two month old. I’m wiped out. 🙂 And if I don’t stop looking at this website, I’ll probably have more children in the near future and be even more tired. 😛

  12. Pedicure and nails.

  13. man i know those days. only when my youngest was 2 months old, not only did i have a 3 yr old i also had a 5 yr old. I took every opprotunity to either sleep or meditate on God’s word. Taking that time to your self really does help fight against depression. i WISH I had found this website sooner. It probably would have helped me with some bedroom issues at that time too. hope this helps!

  14. i’d do some yard work. I love being in my garden!

  15. Read!

  16. Read

  17. get a facial

  18. Miss my husband, lol.

  19. Half an hour yoga, half an hour massage.

  20. Organize a room or closet!

  21. I’d probably wish I were hanging out with my hubby. Of course, I get home from work almost two hours before he does, and we have no children so I already get plenty of time to myself.

  22. Read a book.

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