Weekly poll #100: How do you orgasm most of the time?

WOO HOO!  We made it to the century mark on polls!


  1. I start getting little ones during manual sessions from hubby during foreplay, then when we begin intercourse, they get bigger ;).

  2. I had to put manual (self) for now….with DH deployed anything else isn’t an option. Once he’s home it’s a healthy combination of all of the above 🙂 Come on, November!!

  3. It depends on on what my DH starts doing. He can bring me to orgasm from manual, oral or intercourse.

  4. Clitoral bullet vibrator…. have one with a jelly ring so he wears it and wow… also have a plain silver waterproof one. I’m getting close to intercourse alone, haven’t gotten there yet.

  5. Manual stimulation with his “member” is the ticket, with the occasional vibrator and oral stimulation.

  6. i’ve never had an orgasm through any kind of sex or foreplay.

  7. LOVE the bullet!!! I can have 3 Os in one ML session.

  8. anyone else experience a marked difference between intercourse Os and oral Os?

    For me the intercourse ones involve my whole body and are longer but I don’t know, shallower and shuderier (not a word but you know) The Orals are below the waist and wavier.

    Vibe ones are more like orals.

    Just curious if anyone else feels a difference

  9. Hubby and I have been married for over 33 years so this is not how I orgasmed early on. I typically start having orgasms during foreplay without being touched at all. Hubby likes me to have many that way before he enters me. He never touches me before which makes me more aroused. Once he enters me I have orgasms repeatedly throughout until he orgasms. He is 53 so it is usually 30 plus minutes. I ususally have 50 or more during intercourse. After he comes he comes out and brings me to a screaming and begging him to stop orgasm with his fingers. He is very generous with me and knows how to please me everytime. I stress that this has taken at least 28 years to become so responsive to him.

  10. LD-
    What was it like when you first got together tho? Out of curiosity. Because I really want to get to that point with my husband someday and I do believe it takes time and work, but for me I’m only at a place where I have one orgasm thru oral/ finger intercourse, and mini Os during intercourse. Also I have FE which was more of a learned thing but it came pretty natural and easy. My husband is more of a once a week kinda guy and usually it’s a quickie. Which I dont like I really want to be able to have multiple orgasms thru intercourse. Which I know I can have them becUse I have had multiples on my own, just not thru intercourse. Any tips?

  11. Never thought there was anyone like me! yes. intercourse orgasms for me feel different than oral or manual. However, intercourse is not as intense as oral and manual orgasms.

  12. Me either.

  13. You forgot an option for those of us who have never O’d. So I put “other”

  14. Really? I get more intense ones during intercourse than with manual. Manual does help me get geared up for more ;).

  15. Hello Ld. I believe you need to stidy your husband sexually. If you know he comes after a certain amount of time and it takes you longer, let him work you up to the point where your almost there. Whether through manual or oral and when you know your getting the assume the penetrative position that’s gonna make you guys come together. Once you come together it is awesome because he feels you release and pulse and you feel him when he’s the hardest and comes. Study each other and work on the time. my husband perfers for me to come with him and he loves to feel contract on him. Its a huge turn on for him because he loves pleasing me. God bless

  16. same with me Ari-chan 😛 but yeah i notice a difference…big one. 😛 manual feels way longer and one level of intence, as it were, while intercourse is like a bomb. 😛 hahaha 🙂 not always of course, but yea 😛

  17. I can have orgasms just from nipple play (my hubby’s main way of foreplay), I have lots of orgasms during intercourse, but wasn’t like this for most of our married life. For almost 20 years I could only orgasm from self clitoral stimulation. I am so surprised that sex can get so much better as we get older!

  18. It just gets better and better the longer we are married! AT 33 years we wonder if our 50 something bodies can take much more pleasure. Just wait til the kids are gone. Things skyrocket at that point because you can be so much more spontaneous!

  19. I don’t know how many years it was that I only had one orgasm (maybe 10) because we just didn’t know that I needed more. My husband has begged my forgiveness for not understanding that I needed so much more and was left wanting. God showed him that he needed to give me more and I did not know at that point. Hubby began to encourage me to relax and just let more happen and it was a gradual process. I had more and more from manual stimultaion and then one time I had a vaginal one and I was shocked that I could do that. It took years to learn to respond to him and orgasm throughout the time that he is in me. It has taken alot of trust on my part to get to where I am. Afterward when he is finishing me he can sense if I am not letting go and he will whisper that he wants me to give it to him and just do it baby. It makes me wild.

  20. That is sooooo cool!! I get A LOT of pleasure from boob and nipple play but have never cum from that type of stimulation alone. I would love it if I could though! What exactly does your hubby do to bring you to that point?

  21. It doesn’t really take anything except the nipple play itself to bring me to orgasm. BUT, it wasn’t like this for most of my married life. I also couldn’t have multiple orgasms. My whole level of sexuality changed awhile ago, and I thank God for it! I think losing a lot of my inhibitions and focusing on the pleasure instead of the goal of orgasm has really helped.

  22. I agree with you about age maturing and sex!
    The way my DH licks my pleasure button and lips, makes me orgasm everytime we go for it. In addition, I am very arousable on nipples play and he does also wonders there with his mouth but not to the point of having an orgasm during foreplay.

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