Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


If my husband had one free hour each week to spend entirely on himself, he would probably ________.



  1. …spend it with me.

  2. Goof off on the computer.

  3. Take a nap!

  4. Play games either on the computer or PS3, or he’d be reading stories online.

  5. play a video game

  6. Work on his tractors.

  7. With only one kid left at home H and I both have more free time because of that I know he would spend it on the lake in our boat, reading or watching one of the shows he has Tivoed and if possible I would be right there next to him.

  8. He’d do stuff on his computer.

  9. Go fishing!

  10. take a MMA class

  11. Probably sit in his recliner and watch tv. :/

  12. Probably feel quilty for spending an hour away from his family.

  13. Spend it writing. He is in the process of writing a novel. And he actually does get time every week as of two weeks ago. 🙂

  14. He would play video games. 🙂 and I would be playing with him lol

  15. He’d go shooting with me (:

  16. play video games… which he does

  17. word for word ditto, JnJ…

  18. Exercise more

  19. Football.

  20. Read or work out – or the best of both worlds, work out while listening to an audio book or sermon.

  21. Spend it developing his website/business. Its his passion, but the demands of life get in the way.

  22. Definetly read the Bible and catch up on his sleep.

  23. riding his harley davidson, or working out, or even playing his game systems…

  24. Go fishing, if he also had a pond, a fishing pole, and a boat

  25. sleep

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