Introducing …. Ruth

We are introduced to Ruth in the book of Ruth.  She was a Moabite woman who married one of the son’s of Elimelek and Naomi.    In the first chapter of Ruth, we find out that Naomi’s husband died, and she was left with her 2 sons.   Ten years later, both of Naomi’s son’s died, and she was left with her two daughters in law, Orpah and Ruth.  She encouraged both of her daughters in law to return to their homes.  Orpah did so, but Ruth was determined to remain with Naomi.

While with Naomi, she met a family relative of Elimelek’s named Boaz.  She worked in his fields, gleaning wheat behind the other harvesters that went before her.  Boaz treated her kindly, and Naomi was determined to find a home for her daughter in law for her kindness to her.   Boaz became Ruth’s  guardian- redeemer.  Boaz took her as his wife, and she conceived a son, Obed, who is the grandfather of King David.


To learn more about Ruth, you can find her in the Old Testament book of Ruth.

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