Weekly poll #101: What kind of articles would you like to see more of on CN?

Okay, this isn’t your traditional poll like we usually do.  Taking a break from that for one week.  In the comment section below, if you have a certain topic that you would like to learn more about, please place a brief answer in the comment section below.  I will only be allowing answers to the QUESTION to be published, so if you are commenting further on something suggested, it will not be published.  The results of this week will help me establish a new poll next week that you can input which areas YOU are most interested in reading articles about.

Thank you for your help and understanding!  🙂


  1. Is it ok to swallow your husbands release after oral sex

  2. I’d like more info on sex after hysterectomy and in menopause. I’m 29, and last year I had a total hysterectomy which threw me into full on menopause. Another downer is that nothing feels the same. I’ve read the past posts about self-lubrication, orgasm after hysterectomy, etc. I would love more help figuring out how my “new” body works.

  3. This may sound a bit weird, but I’d like to see some articles with tips on how to use your pelvis during foreplay and/or intercourse. I know a lot of woman-on-top positions involve hip movement, but I really have no clue whatsoever on how to loosen my pelvis. Utilizing a hula hoop helps me get the idea, but if there’s anything else out there, much appreciated :). Thanks!

  4. Can you a sex toy primer? We are sort of clueless (and a bit coy) about shopping for items we might like.

  5. use our search engine on the top left and type in swallowing. there it is.

  6. in our search engine on the top left type in hysterectomy, and you’ll come up with an article to get you started.

  7. we have a whole category on sex toys. You might find something you need there.

  8. in the top left hand corner of our site, you can type “pelvis” into the search engine, and it will give you some great reading material.

  9. Tips / help for dealing with a larger husband (not larger “manhood” lol). My husband is a big man and we have trouble making positions work. His stomach can put distance between us that makes it hard to try things.

  10. this is a good idea. You might also browse through our positions page and see if there are any there that you might find easier to do.

  11. I need ways to communicate effectively my need for more sex! My DH just isn’t in to it as much as I am. I have spoken to him many times, but things just don’t seem to change. Please help!

  12. I like this suggestion. My husband isn’t big around, but rather very tall, and that makes finding positions that work more difficult.

  13. There are articles in the category: Communication, that may help you. There are also three articles specifically written about wives who have larger drives. Those articles are found on our FAQ page at the top.

  14. I, too, have a tall husband. I will take this under consideration. I do suggest that you peruse the Positions page to see if there are any of those that might fit your bill. You can get a gist of the position usually from the first paragraph to see if it might work for you.

  15. I would like to see more articles on making yourself more sexually attractive to your husband. I would like to add more seduction techniques to my repertoire. I want to keep things fresh and inspire my husband to match my increasing sexual interest.

  16. Thanks for your input! Make sure you check out the category on Creative Sexual Techniques as well!

  17. I would like to see articles about mental health, and the ways it can affect drive, I have personal experience of this, when my bipolar plays up it totally ruins my sex drive.

  18. We’re about to take a few months long RV trip w/ elementary/jr high aged children. An article on really creative ideas to “keep the passion” during these months would be awesome. Tips/ideas for intimacy when the kids are only a few feet away and the doors are paper thin!

  19. Some articles on how health can affect you or your spouses sex drive. And maybe some research on food that encourage an increase in sex drive for both husband and wife. My hubby is going through the throes of quitting smoking right now and he hates it and yes it does make a difference in whether or not he’s interested in having sex.

  20. Right now I’m struggling to get my orgasm back after two pregnancies in two years. Some ways to do so would be helpful. Also, more ways to work around having small children and little time because of it.

  21. whether it is “christian” for christian couples to buy lingere/toys from secular sex stores. …my husband and i have had a few intence conversations on this, and our opinions differ, but he’s asking of me/us that we dont buy anything from fasinations anymore, for example, because he’s concerned about the industry we’d be supporting….i respect that and dont buy things from there anymore, but it’s hard to feel restricted to the ohso few Christian made sexshops, which are really only online…i like to really look at an item,…cant do that online. 😛 …but is it ok for christian couples to buy things from secular sex stores (using caution and intending to use such items to be constructive tools in our sex life)? how are we supposed to account for the industry we’re supporting when we have our own means to an end, but there’s only “secular sex” avaliable? …just a thought.

  22. kick the kids out of the RV for one or two hours 😛 my parents did that when i was a kid and we went on RV trips 😛

  23. I just started to read “every woman’s battle” and believe this may be an important issue to discuss. I didn’t realize somethings I have done were destructive to our marriage.

  24. On an ongoing basis I would like to know what is going on in other ladies & couples day to day, week to week, or month to month sex lives. I get glimpses here and there of a few there and here but would like to find out what everyone is doing on a regular basis, or on occasion for a new idea or spicy moment, what are your men up to and what us everyone doing to maintain their attention, etc.

    There are days when I feel so out of touch and have no idea where the rest of the Christian ladies area and what is going on. This is one of the few places I can go to find out (openly discuss sex with other females comfortably).

    I know we can search of specific topics in a variety of discussions but it would be nice to have some sort of ongoing centralized comment area (not a specific subject to discuss) maybe an open forum where everyone shares the good of whats going on in their sex lives, what they have learned recently, been doing, what worked has wonderfully, so others can gleam from the positive experiences of others.

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