Introducing … Esther

We are introduced to Esther in the book of Esther. Haddassah (also called Esther) was being cared for by her cousin Mordecai when her parents died.   After the king had banished his queen, Vashti, he ordered that all virgin girls be taken to his palace.  From them, a new queen would be chosen.  After 12 months of beauty treatments, Esther was brought before the king and he was attracted to her, and he made her queen.

Little did the king know, but his new queen was a Jew.  A man named Haman was elevated to a high seat of honor with the king.  All men bowed down before Haman…all men, that is, but Mordecai.  When Mordecai wouldn’t bow before him, he set forth a plan to kill all of Mordecai’s people. (Jews) The king set forth a decree that on a certain day of the year, all Jews were to be killed and to plunder all their goods.   This pleased Haman to no end. Esther found out about the decree and was deeply troubled.  Esther asked Mordecai to get all the Jews together to pray and fast for her, for she had a plan.

The next day, Esther put on her best robes and went to the king.  No one was to enter the king’s presence with out being asked for by him, but he was so pleased to see her, that he allowed her to enter.  She invited him and Haman to a banquet she would prepare in their honor.   At the banquet, she pleaded for her life.  As Esther exposed Haman’s plot to kill all the Jews, her included, the king was enraged.  The king had Haman killed.  Esther had saved her people.


To learn more about Esther, you can find her in the Old Testament book of Esther.

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