Weekly poll #102: Which of the following topics are you most interested in learning more about?


  1. I’m very interested in the ways that health, not just food but also health in general, physical activity/exercise, weight, body image and other health/mental health issues, affect sex and intimacy. I have found that being physically active almost every day and getting and keeping my weight under control have a huge positive affect on my interest in sex.

  2. I haven’t seen a lot of articles on sex toys, and my husband has a book that gives an overview on a lot of the popular ones out there, but I would appreciate more details on more toys, such as what materials are safe, how to effectively sterilize them, best places to find them (whether in a shop or online), storage, external use vs. internal, and any other topic related to using toys.

  3. I picked sex after menopaus,etc., because I’m interested in sex after hormonal changes. I know there are some great articles, but I’d love to see more. Our sex life looked totally different after we had our first baby, and then changed completely again after a miscarriage (in terms of emotions, closeness, communication.)

  4. I want to read some opinions on french kissing. My husband has a hang up about doing this very wonderful deed. He knows and admits that he doesn’t enjoy french kissing. I, on the other hand put kissing and love in the same boat and have cryed myself to sleep and felt unloved by him because of my deep need for this. I have googled this subject and found that I am not alone. There are married men and women that feel a terrible void in their life. No matter how much sex I enjoy with my husband, I still have a need for passionate kissing. Please Help!

  5. I voted for more articles on how to effectively use sex toys 🙂 I would like to read more about different sex toys that can improve our sexual life

  6. In her article on Is Erotica Okay?, Cinnamon Sticks commented, “So in short, reading erotica is a form of pornography in my opinion and it is best be avoided. I wouldn’t suggest to a couple that they use it to spice things up between them. There are better ways to do this.”

    What ways? Toys, how so? Other ways? Please do tell?

    I voted for more articles on more effective ways to use sex toys and be more attractive to my husband. It is nice to hear from others on these subjects and get their insights.

  7. Any reponse???

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