Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I know that God created me in His image, but I wish He would have given me a little more ______ and a little less ______! 🙂



  1. a little more chest and a lot less “squish”

  2. Little more leg, little less jiggle.

  3. a little more booty, and a little less belly (actually my children gave me that0 😉

  4. More patience… Less temper (yes I have body issues too, but after having 6 kids I’ve learned to have more grace on my body. Altho I do wish nursing didn’t reek such havoc on my breasts)

  5. More legs and less chest.

  6. More self control, less boobs 🙂 as an overweight 42F both of those things would be awesome

  7. More of NOTHING, lol. Less breasts. Being a 42f is more than I could bare though my husband loves them. I’m considering getting a reduction to a normal dd. A sister in my church just had sugery and I helped her change her bandages and the doc did a beautiful job. She was a 38h. Us puertorican woman have the breast blesssing. Lol. Pray for me for guidance. God Bless.

  8. cheer (I wish I was naturally a look-on-the-bright-side-of-things person – I’m always jealous of those people that seem to be constantly happy and optimistic)…flubber (like others have mentioned, mostly from having kids – but it would be awesome if He took it away!)

  9. More height. Less nothing.

  10. More height, less boob.

  11. more patience, less height.

  12. More height more boob and less flab fatness.

  13. more breasts, less tummy

  14. desire to initiate, fatigue

  15. A little more height, a little less worry.

    I have struggled with worry my whole life. I have faith, but I have a hard time trusting God with my circumstances. I am growing a great deal in trust this year, and so it is my continual prayer that I would worry less and trust God more!

  16. more confidence, less tummy.

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