Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I really need to find a gentle way to let my husband know that _______ turns me off.



  1. open-mouth kissing doesn’t do it for me!

  2. getting slobber all over the OUTSIDE of my mouth while kissing… a little gross…

  3. More than 2 days’ worth of stubble. I have sensitive skin, so when my face starts feeling raw from the rubbing, it’s not a lot of fun.

  4. jokes during sex or foreplay

  5. tweaking my nipples really hard

  6. I second this one!!

  7. I’m with Lisa – it’s almost like he pinches them sometimes! Youch!

  8. I want to know why you don’t like “opened mouth” kissing? DH doesn’t either and I have begged him our entire marriage for french kissing. Just wondering why and how someone couldn’t love it? This has been a big issue in our intimacy.

  9. You misunderstood my comment. I ADORE french kissing! What I’m referring to is when my husband approaches my mouth with his mouth wide open before contact. Kinda like a baby/toddler comes at you for kisses – which may explain why it’s not a turn-on for me!

  10. Ooooh…I see.

  11. I really dislike this question. It assumes that women all have something sexual that they don’t like that they don’t feel comfortable telling their husbands about. That’s a sad situation and in my opinion completely contrary to the idea of marriage. If my husband didn’t like something that we do I would hope that he would trust and respect me enough to just tell me. I would do the same for him.

  12. If you don’t have an answer for the blank part above (or if the sentence doesn’t apply to you at all) then you simply skip it. Not all marriages have 100% perfect communication.

  13. I Love it too…When we first met we did alot of french kissing…I loved it but why now that we are married we dont do it alot…I will go as far as to say we do it once every 3 months 😦
    I read somewhere that kissing is the quickest way for a man to arouse a woman…

  14. Personally, hubby and I love French kissing, but I learned he doesn’t like it when he feels I’m forcing it. Taking it nice and slow and building arousal is best ^_^.

  15. I agree! That kills it for me! He usually realizes it, apologizes, then “reignites” me :o)

  16. I agree! My hubby is a really fun-lovin guy, but most of the time his jokes during sex just irritate me! I’m definately not the serious type, but most of the jokes are corny, lol.

  17. my hubby & I are EXTREMELY honest with one another. Its one of the most favorite parts of our marriage for me. But, even though I remind him that something he does annoys me (or turns me off) – sometimes he forgets. kinda like me reminding him about rinsing his dirty dish or picking up his dirty socks. I guess thats where grace comes in….

  18. stopping in the middle of everything just to check on the kitten or some sound he thought he heard outside or something. sometimes its funny, mostly it’s frustraighting! 😛

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