Introducing … Sarai/Sarah

Sarai was the wife of Abram.   Sarai was unable to conceive a child and was barren for a very long time.  Sarai faithfully followed her husband to many new lands, both traveling by faith.  Several times, Sarai was asked to lie for her husband.  He told her twice to tell the ruler of a land they entered that she was Abram’s sister, so that he would not be killed for her beauty.  The Lord inflicted bad illnesses on the households of the rulers who took her as his wife, so she was returned to her husband and they were told to leave the land.  Sarai’s barrenness caused her to lose faith that God would provide, so she gave her slave, Hagar, to her husband in hopes that Hagar would conceive a child for her.  Hagar did conceive and gave birth to a son, Ishmael.  Sarai mistreated Hagar and she ran away, but the Lord promised to increase the descendants of Ishmael, so she returned to Sarai.  For Abram’s faithfulness, God changed his name to Abraham (when he was in his 90’s) and changed Sarai’s name to Sarah.  The Lord told him at that point that Sarah would conceive him a son and they would call him Isaac, and the Lord would bless the descendants of this son.  Abraham and Sarah laughed, since she was such an elderly lady, but the Lord kept his promise.  Sarah conceived a son when she was in her elderly years and named him Isaac.  Sarah lived to be 127 years old.


You can read more about Sarai/Sarah in the book of Genesis (Genesis 12 – Genesis 23)

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