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Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


My husband kind of wants to try _______, but I’m too scared!



  1. Sexy role play. For example, I dress up provocatively and we “meet” at a hotel bar. He pretends to pick me up and spend the night together. Deep down I know it will be incredibly fun and sexy, however, I just don’t know if it’s right.

  2. threesome

  3. anal

  4. S&M play with chains. We talked at length about it yesterday, and we agreed to use different and safer forms of bondage, so all is good :).

  5. It’s usually me that is in to trying things and him who doesn’t want to. He just wants to do it everywhere – and I’m super afraid of getting caught. :s

  6. Can’t fill in the blank as there is absolutely nothing that my husband wants to try and hasn’t been able to because I was afraid. How about rephrasing it like “I kind of want to try_______,but my HUSBAND’s too scared!” That would more accurately describe our situation.

  7. Thanks to you guys there is nothing he wants that I am afraid to give him.

  8. meeting on a chat site and pretend we are strangers

  9. shaving me completly

  10. prostate massaging…. i really want to do this for him, but how do i get the courage????

  11. A chastity device!

  12. Go for it! You’ll love the smoothness of it. You just have to shave everyday or every other day to maintain the new look and feel. I did this for my DH a few years ago, and I will never go back. There are so many wonderful sensations that I experience now since that area is bare. Also, oral sex is 10X better! Go for it! There are how-to articles on this website to help you.

  13. I wish he would tell me. I’ve asked him a hundred times, but he never really responds.

  14. It might be that he’s afraid you’ll laugh or give him a response that he’ll interpret as being not interested. Try reassuring him that you’ll listen and consider whatever fantasy he’d like to act out one day. I used to be the same way around my husband, and now, we’ve got a nice list of ideas ;).

  15. Finger condoms and lube. They sell finger condoms in the first aid section called “cots.” It’s basically a tube that rolls down over the finger.

  16. Or latex gloves.

  17. you might find it takes a while for your skin to adjust too, like meee. 😛 it takes some time experimenting what angle/direction to shave that your skin will like better. at least that’s the case with me 😛

  18. Also, be prepared for the itch that happens during hair regrowth, but if you’re shaving down there every other day, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

  19. Talking about sex or even phone sex.

  20. I dont think you would want to shave the vajay-jay it may cause ingrown hairs, bumps or irritation and YES! IT IS THE WORST ITCH YOU WILL EVER EXPERIENCE when it grows back. Waxing is a better choice

  21. I started going Brazilian last summer and both hand I love it. In surprised him with it and he was VERY appreciative 😉

  22. mine too, but i am not willing.

  23. he’ll enjoy it and NEVER tease him about. Men our shy about that area because people always associate it with homosexuality. As wives its our job to take care of our men in that department. It’ll drive him crazy.

  24. it’s my opinion that it’s fine. 🙂 you’re keeping it between your husband and you, you’re not publicly propelling the idea that “one night stands are fine”… you know what i mean? you know you’re married, you’re not genuinely doing a one night stranger thing 😛 …if that makes any sence 😛

  25. i think everyone’s skin is unique. i’ve never had issues other than slight itching, but that even doesnt happen now. waxing is bad for me 😛 hahaha

  26. I would love to do this and recently thought about asking my hubby. My DH and I love exploring each other sexually. I think it should be exciting and fun and would love to try this but I’m not sure how to bring up the topic. My DH is not a stick in the mud, but he’s still a bit conservative in certain areas. I think this would be great foreplay and could lead to some pretty exciting lm. Any suggestions on how I could introduce the topic?

  27. My husband wants to take a naked picture of me on his phone… and personally I’m a little uncomfortable with it since I’m worried someone may see it accidentally, but at the same time, I’m strangely intrigued by the idea. He says it’s to remind him of my beauty when I’m not physically present, and that he loves me and prefers to be physically present with me and that in person, my natural beauty is 10x better. He prefers the real thing, but he’d like a reminder every once in awhile to make him even more eager for the real thing when he or I or both of us get home. IDK but to me that sounds almost red-flag-ish. Am I overreacting? It’s not like it’s anyone else’s naked body (and when we watch a film and if at any point there’s an even a hint of another gorgeous woman dressed promiscuously or a hint of sex he turns to me and reminds me how beautiful I am and that I’m his beauty and he wants no one else.) He does say if I’m not comfortable that he won’t push me and he wouldn’t ever force me to do so. Is a naked picture of me on his phone in the same category as talking to him seductively over the phone to get him turned on and wanting me even more later when I’m not right there next to him?

  28. Are you worried about people recognizing your naked body if they got ahold of his phone? I would be too. Maybe you can take real pics that don’t show your face. It might be easier to keep them secure than his phone. He could keep them in his brief case or desk or whatever and just pull them out when he is alone.

    I don’t think it is a red flag. I think it is perfectly normal and sweet. I took pics last year and sent them to my H when he was out of town. I was in the tub and they showed curves but were definately not even R rated. He loved them. I took others that were naughtier and did not show my face. I sent them to his email.

    I think you should go for it establish parameters that you are comfortable with. Have fun!

  29. First of all, you’re not crazy for being uncomfortable with this. My now current husband struggled with masturbation and pornography before we dated and then 7 months into marriage he breached the idea of really liking it if I’d send him a naked photo of myself while he was at work. I was worried that the photos might accidentally get seen and that it may stir up thoughts of his former life and he’d associate me on the same level as those women he had looked at before. Here’s what we did. I first prayed about it individually and then I voiced my concerns to him. I asked my husband to wait a week and to let me think it over. Then I did a little delving into Scriptures.

    Secondly, it sounds like your husband won’t pressure you into it and that’s a very good thing. There is nothing sinful about wanting to enjoy your husband’s body or your husband wanting to enjoy yours, even if you’re not right there in front of him. But the Bible does state that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the Church to make her holy, cleansing her…to present her…radiant…without stain or wrinkle or blemish. (Ephesians 5). If you are uncomfortable with it and your husband continually pressures you for this, point him to this passage. Pressuring or forcing or doing something for his own satisfaction without considering your needs, wants, preferences, and feelings is unBiblical and far from holy. Yet it sounds like your husband isn’t doing this to you. This same passage also says, “the wife must respect her husband.” One of the ways you can respect him is to go outside of your comfort zone every once and awhile.

    Finally, I’d encourage you to read this great post on Christian Nymphos since it may help answer some of your questions – , to spend time in prayer, to discuss your concerns with your spouse in an open and loving way, and then if you do decide to do so to talk about your expectations and reasons.Is this something you’ll do often, semi-often, when you’re both apart for a little while? Is this something only you’ll do for him or will he return the favor? Will this lead to other requests? Would either of you be okay with it if in being turned on you masturbated while the other one wasn’t present? My husband and I feel that our bodies are for each other and in giving ourselves to each other we restrict sexual stimulation for the other person only. This is just our personal preference though and you may choose to do so otherwise and I wouldn’t say this is sinful. You can also read about masturbating on this website too. Make sure if you do decide to go through with this that these photo files won’t be found on a phone or computer you share with someone else.

    May God bless your marriage together, and may you continue to grow together and in Him.

  30. this is really a great response Hannah!

  31. My husband says he’d love a lap dance. I’m not scared to do this since we are both comfortable with our sexuality, but I don’t really know how and I don’t want to look silly. Any suggestions for a first-timer? I looked for ideas on here and didn’t find any.

  32. I’ve never done it yet myself, but from what I’ve read about it, you sit on his lap, facing him. Much like a striptease, it’s all in the hips. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it, silly or not :).

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