Weekly Poll #105: What is the best birthday present you could give your hubby?

Happy birthday, Mr. Nutmeg! I love you, baby!  🙂  ~ Spicy


  1. Sex related coupons. (king for a night, wild card, role playing of his choice, etc.) He LOVES getting coupons. 😉

  2. For DH’s birthday this year (which he wasn’t here for due to his deployment), I had boudoir photos done. I made a book for him and sent it and he is still raving about them.
    It was also kind of a present for myself, in a weird way–such a fun thing to do before, during AND after 🙂

  3. DH surprised me with a weekend trip to the mountains before we had kids. He had everything ready to go when I got home from work. We live in NC and love to go the mountains. We have been making trips to the mountains without our kids while my DH went back to school. On one of the trips my DH took me to a really fancy restaurant for my birthday. This was a real treat for me as this is not a normal thing for us to do. Plus at this restaurant they had multiple humingbird feeders so you can watch the humingbirds during dinner.

  4. Even though this were for my birthday we celebrate his too. His is couple of months after mine so we travel between our birthdays. My DH would say the best present for him is when we can spend time making each other happy and feel good. That is why we go to the mountains on trip without our kids.

  5. Less than 2 months after we got married came my husband’s birthday. I dressed up, cooked dinner, and then in the bedroom gave him a full-body massage that led to all the way for us :). It was great.

    This year he’s out at sea so I’ll send him a special care package with his favorite cookies :).

  6. A trip to a bookstore, or five. Seriously, the man loves his books. And then we could come home and play naughty librarian.

  7. In a perfect world, a new computer that I let him pick.

  8. My DH would love me dressed in anything leather! Just seeing me with leather gloves would do it but I’d love to go all out sometime. I’ve been trying to find a black miniskirt (leather)… if anyone knows where I could find one. I’ve checked many sites. Looking for a size 18 womens. I’d also love to do the boudroir (sp?) photography! I think it would be awesome and it would be an amazing present.

  9. Most definitely, an entire date day where he gets to call all the shots! He loves having me all to himself all for an entire day of sex & sex play! Oh the crazy things he’d come up with…

  10. My husband is an entertainer and would love to sing the national anthem at a professional game…If I could somehow arrange it for him…it would be unforgetable!

  11. He’s prefect gift is definatly me dancing for him. never took a class though and he is still left begging for more! 😉

  12. I find it kinda sad that oral sex is so high. Is it because women quit after the wedding? I know it’s likely not everyone’s favorite thing to do but it’s part of the whole act.

  13. my husband said that the best birthday present i ever gave him was when i told him i was pregnant. he was so happy… his next birthday im not sure what to get him that could top that one… any suggestions lol

  14. i was ammused that oral sex was so high. that’s what i voted for too. 😛 …it’s so hard getting over the mental obstacles of giving him oral sex! …frustraighting too!

  15. It’s awkward a bit the first time you decide to give it, but the more you keep your mind open to the idea and commit to trying it out, the better it gets ;).

  16. My husband is turning 30 this year so I am trying to come up with something big and fun. I think he would like a big party with all our friends and family, music, good food and drinks….He also just told me that he’d like a bobble head of our 1 1/2 year old daughter and me. I thought that was hilarious.

  17. for my H’s 50th I contacted family friends from throughout his life and got them tow write up something, a memory, a lesson learned a happy memory whatever. I put them all together with photos from his lifetime and had it bound. It was the best gift ever. I got the idea from the Dating Divas website where you will find a lot of ways to bless your man on his birthday and always.

  18. I voted oral sex . Am totally learning that this can be apart of our LM everytime, (thank you CN Spice Girls!) but total attention on his bday would be a lasting present. Not that I haven’t, just that he Loves os whenever he can have it!!
    This is my first post here. My DH actually found it…has done some Awesome learning….thank you for a comfortable safe place to keep learning about GOD’s Awesome gift to us!!

  19. a child. or few. :-/

  20. one word….ANAL!!! 🙂

  21. I was a little surprised too. My husband loves, loves, loves it, but there are times when it doesn’t happen, especially if he hasn’t showered within the last 5 hours or so. We’ll do other things for him on his birthday too, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the oral is his favorite gift of all.

  22. Another thing II did for my H, not on his b-day but “just because” was I prepared a menu of sexual services beginning with a relaxing choice…foot massage, head massage, back rub…through fore play and ending with sex however he wanted it. He got to pick what he wanted and I set the whole thing to his favorite music. He really was moved and thrilled that I put myself out there like that for him. So much so that I am doing it again with different choices this time.

  23. The first year after our marriage I got some Carmen Electra work out dvds and took some of the moves I learned in them til I had a bit of a strip tease/lap dance worked out. Then when the time was right I sat him in a chair and put on a playlist of some of our favourite songs and went at it. Let me say it was a hit! I have also done boudoir photos for him, and the reaction was so amazing that I have actually become a professional boudoir photographer, so that I can encourage other women and help spice up other marriages. This years birthday gift will be hard to top though, our little ones due date is right on his birthday!

  24. Hey Ladies!
    So my husband-to-be’s b’day is going to be during our honeymoon!I’ve been stealing some wonderful ideas off here but if anyone could give me some other tips/tricks fabulous ideas that would be awesome! It’s tricky coz I’m obviously not sure what he’d like or appreciate but would like to have something/a few things very exciting planned!! Keep changing my mind on what to do!

  25. For my OH it would be something electronic, or related to music.
    Birthday on honeymoon sounds awesome, maybe you could buy some nice underwear and go out for dinner together, then surprise him! I’m sure he will be on a real high right after the wedding and anything you do will be fondly remebered!

  26. My DH would love both the os & dancing. I have been taking belly dancing classes through parks & rec. It is sooo fun. You get time with other women, older, younger, thin, heavy. It doesn’t matter. It has belped me a lot. It is so feminine and if you aren’t very good; don’t worry about it, just keep working at it. One woman at the class I’m going to said it took her a year to get the feel for it. I’ve been doing since April. I still have a long way to go, but I have never danced before. My DH loves the idea of me dancing.

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