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I need to be more vocal about…



  1. more vocal about my blessings and thankfulness…more vocal about my physical needs (directions sexually). My DH is smart but not a mind reader. I think he likes some dirty talk …when I tell him to suck my nipples, stroke your [penis] for me or cum right here baby… Does everybody else do this too? I also need to explore myself more to let him know what I like. I have work to do 🙂

  2. wanting more variety in our lovemaking. In allowing ourselves to be kinky, have fun and not be so routine.

  3. wanting to try new things in bed (or out of bed, for that matter).

  4. I’d like for us to try some things that are a little “edgier” (hotter, sexier, rougher) than our usual, but I haven’t brought it up yet.

  5. everything. The only word I can say without getting tongue-tied is sex. I choke at everything else. I know my dh would like more vocal, but I just can’t do it! It feels equivelent to standing in the center of town naked. Wow. Do I have hang ups or what……

  6. sex. I need to express what I want and need especially in order to cum. I am more vocal in other areas. Yet after almost 19 years of marriage and togther for almost 22 years I still have a hard time asking for what I need in most areas.

  7. Were you raised in an environment where one didn’t talk about sex or sex was viewed as a bad thing? If so, I feel for you. It takes some effort to break free of that mindset and be open in what you share with your husband.

    Best thing to do is share your fears with him, and maybe he can help. Like asking “How do you feel about (insert idea)?”.

    Praying :). It can and will get better. Just gotta be patient and take it one step at a time.

  8. …when I “really need” sex. He’s not the only one. Sometimes I get upset at him and I realize later he’s not a mind reader. I need to tell him when I need him to be passionate and intimate with me.

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