Weekly poll #107: At what age did you have your first mammogram?


  1. Wow I can’t believe how high the never had one was!!! Do you think it’s because a lot of the readers are younger!!! My sister in law coerced me to have one I’m 44 just had my first last year!!! It’s definitely easy and worth it to make sure all is well I would encourage those of you who haven’t had one to get one for you loved ones!!! That’s why I did it!!!!

  2. Mother diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 39. So I pushed that 40 baseline just a little.

  3. it only takes 20 min. ladies. it’s a whole lot better than the months of treatment if you don’t catch a problem early. I’ve had three friends diagnosed with breast cancer in the past two years. Two of them caught it early enough that it was able to be treated without drastic measures. It doesn’t hurt. It may be a bit uncomfortable for a moment (and I’m a 36 AA; not much to squish) but nothing in comparison.

  4. My last one was 2 years ago. I really need to do one this year. It was my first “scare” where I had to have an ultrasound to check out a suspicious spot. It ended up being dense breast tissue, but I have been reading an article where it is highly recommended that you have a yearly exam starting at age 40. I will be doing an article on this in the next month or so.

  5. YES ladies PLEASE have this done. I have two friends with it and a relative 41 that died from it., ITS NOT WORTH TAKIN THE CHANCE! The man in ur life will thank u for taking care of yourself. JUST DO IT PLEASE !

  6. The technology is really improving for mammos. The squishing isn’t nearly as bad as it use to be. I have to agree with laura. It is MUCH better to catch it early. Don’t depend only on mammos though. Some types mammos don’t catch. If you feel something have it checked out. I work in the our hospital’s cancer registry. It is unbelievable what women will ignore. Also take it from someone who is working with cancer every day. Women are being are being diagnosed with breast cancer younger and younger all the time. A coworker had a niece die in the last year or 2 from breast cancer and she was only 25. Don’t let lack of “famliy history” lull you to sleep. Most women diagnosed with breast cancer don’t have a “famliy history”.

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