Weekly poll #108: Are you current on your pap smears?


  1. This is something I take very very serious! And now that I’m 43- mamagrams too! Take good care of yourselves ladies-PLEASE 😀

  2. it’s been 6 yrs for me. i really need to do it and want to take care of myself, but without any insurance and barely making ends meet – it’s just not possible.

  3. Since switching insurance with my dh’s last job change, I just haven’t gotten in for one. It’s not my favorite thing, so I’ve just put it off:(

  4. No, but I have an appointment for one next week. I get my birth control through Planned Parenthood and they require one every year if you want to be on hormonal birth control.

  5. Try to find a Planned Parenthood or similar women’s clinic in your area. Most have income based fees for everything, including paps and mammograms.

  6. I have never had one before…must really make an appointment.

  7. Had a hysterectomy in 2003. Had pap smears annually following that anyway, and then the doctor asked this past year, “Why are we taking pap smears if you’ve had a hysterectomy? You don’t even have a cervix.”

    Good question.

  8. From the time I turned 18 until age 21, I’ve been in 4 times and each time they happily took my money for a check-up but told me that I didn’t need a pap. So I kept coming back when they told me to come back, and they charged me again and still did not do the pap. So I’m 22 now and gave up until I get courageous enough to find a new doctor.

  9. My pap smear saved my life. I cannot overstate how important they are. The treatment if they catch cancer early is relatively short and easy, if it progresses you are looking at serious chemo, hysterectomy, maybe even loosing your life. PLEASE go for yours, I will be praying on this in the hope the lord leads people to this poll!

  10. Yup, went last Sept, so im due to make my next appt here soon.

  11. If you have never had sex/contact with anything besides yourself down there, that could be why they’ve never offered a pap to you during your annual.
    I refused until I was sexually active (which was 28 for me), and my doctor explained to me that while it was a recommended thing (getting a pap) the risk is way less to you if you are a virgin. Paps check for abnormal cells, precancerous cells, and >95% of those come from HPV infections, and if your lady parts have never had sex or sexual contact, you can’t have HPV.
    Not to say that they shouldn’t have offered and/or explained that to you — with you on the get a new doctor!

  12. I’m current, at least according to my dr, but I haven’t had one in a couple of years. I’m on a every 3 year routine.

  13. I haven’t had one…for many reasons.
    A) I can’t seem to work up the guts to go to the ob/gyn. I had a hard enough time becoming comfortable with my body around my husband and that has taken years.
    B) I have a family history of cancer however I am only do for one because of my age. I’m over 21(22) and sexually active (with hubbie)
    C) I really need to get one however I have only ever been with my hubbie and he was STD neg before I would marry him (and therefore sleep with him).
    D) I am only a year late as the ob/gyn (my mom’s and the one I considered going to before I moved) said I didn’t even need to get one until 21 because of my lack of sexual history.

  14. I’m current and I’m not due for my next one for another two years. Current medical guidelines state that if you have had three normal pap smears in a row, you only need further pap smears every three years.

  15. I’m in the military, so I am required to stay medically ready at all times! So up until recently, I was required to have them annually, but now they are only required every 3 years after 3 consecutive normal pap smears. I really dislike them like every other woman, but I urge all women to get one.

  16. Amen to that. After grad school, it took me several months to find work. So, I had very little $ and no insurance. A local womens clinic saved the day. Twenty five $ pap was the most thorough & gentle I ever experienced.

  17. I probably need to do one more than anyone but I think I am going to wait until we move. We are trying to get our house ready to sell so I don’t want to go looking for a doctor just to find one that I will never see again. We plan to move out of state so once that happens, I will look for a doctor there and get it done. It has been 4 years since my last (and first) one and it was not a good experience. It was very painful and the doctor made fun of me for being a baby (the last time I saw her!) I was too embarrassed at the time to tell her that sex and tampons also hurt. Sex no longer hurts but I have yet to be brave enough to try tampons again. I haven’t had a period in over a year anyway though. Endometriosis runs in my family and if I don’t have it, then I am the only one on my Mom’s side. My mom’s side also gets cancer a lot. There is literally always someone with cancer. Add to all that, my husband and I decided a year and a half ago to quit taking birth control. We are still not pregnant. I say all this to say that I have been wondering if the reason we are not yet pregnant could have something to do with all of this. Getting pregnant is not something we are really concerned about; we feel blessed either way. But if there is something bad causing the lack of pregnancy then I obviously need to know. Maybe this is a stupid question, but do pap smears answer questions like this? I have a regular doctor but our insurance is a joke (seriously we have to be the full amount, no copay) so I don’t know if I should pay for a visit just to have her tell me go see another doctor. Do you have to go to a gyno for this kind of thing? Is this what pap smears do or is that another test? I realize that I should know the answers to this but no one has ever explained this to me. I have spent the last several years learning all I can about sex but have yet to learn about this.

  18. I’m not a big fan of them. But for health reasons, I pretend I’m somewhere else! My grandmother died of cervical cancer at the age of 88. When she found out she had cancer it was already in stage four, so there wasn’t anything that the doctors could do. One of my sisters has had precancerous cells removed from her cervix. And another sister and myself has had hpv. All of this was found out through pap smears. So ladies, it’s a MUST that we take care of our bodies so that we may have longer lives with our DH! If anyone can answer this question I’d be very grateful. Some doctors say that hpv is a std, but both my sister and me came back positive for it when we had our six weeks check-up. How is this possible? (My hubby is in the military so all his tests are done periodically).

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