Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


_______ makes me feel anxious.



  1. Having his family over. I still get the “I hope they like me nerves” even though they are wonderful people and we’ve always had a great relationship.

  2. Silence

  3. Nothing, makes me anxious. I LOVE it all!

  4. Being over tired makes me feel anxious.

  5. The thought of asking dh to try new things in the bedroom makes me anxious. Once, many years ago, I licked him on the chest and he was completely shocked and asked, “what do you think you’re doing?”

  6. Finances

  7. Change and conflict

  8. weight gain … yes, def. weight gain; i quit smoking … and have been ‘ravenous’ of food; i’m a little person, and the lbs pack on quite quickly!

    we just got a treadmill and i know it WILL work … still, its the ‘during’ process that feels a little … emotionally ‘squish-eee’

  9. Me too! We have a great relationship, but I still get nervous around the in-laws.

  10. When he treats me like his enemy. I am his wife. Just because we do not agree does not mean I am his enemy. Husband and wives disagree. It is normal. Why am I his enemy when I do?

  11. I feel the same way, I feel like he always has to be right or I always have to agree, if I don’t he’s ticked. I dont like that, we are married but we are two different people still lol. I don’t like the competition or the fighting.

  12. many things make me anxious… in-laws, finances, satisfying the needs of others, losing things (important papers, etc),

  13. i am SO with you there.

  14. riding in the car with my son driving lol he has his learners permit

  15. You too?? Drivers training is going to give me gray hairs. Not that I don’t already have them.

  16. Nothing in this world has ever made me as anxious as letting my teenagers drive. Well, unless it’s their boyfriends driving!

  17. Our son got his drivers license while at job corps. He’s been out for almost a year and I can’t be in the car when he drives. Makes me so nervous. He doesn’t fear anything (has aspergers). On the opposite end is our youngest. I was always calm when she drove with her permit because she is such a cautious driver. She is more anxious about everything that she isn’t confident about lol. But what would make me the most anxious is my MIL. She lived with us and I dreaded her return every spring for the last 5 yrs. But now that dh has a new job and we had to move, she moved in with her other son. I always pray blessing on her but she did make home life difficult.

  18. Deployment

  19. Dealing with my in-laws when I have children. My husband was not raised anything like me and his father has already threatened to undue some of our parenting style (long story). I can deal with the differences now but once a child is in the mix I can’t be as tolerant of the poor role modeling for my children.

  20. I hear ya! I licked his neck and earlobe once and he was weirded out. It bothered me after that bringing up new stuff.

  21. Moving. My husband recently announced to me he wants to move out of state and I didn’t even know that was on his mind. We just recently moved to a new apartment across town about three months ago and I thought that was enough. We live in a nicer, safer neighborhood now plus our old apartment had mold issues that the landlord wouldn’t handle so this last move wasn’t too hard for me, but moving out of state? I’m totally anxious about that.

  22. leaving my children with my husband. he’s very capable and an excellent father, don’t get me wrong. It’s just, i’m always worried that the child are not behaving and giving him a hard time. and then as soon as i get home, i’m hearing about what ever it was that they did wrong.

  23. Charis, I have had to deal with in-laws trying to undermine what you teach your kids. It isn’t easy but you and your husband must be in agreement in this area and he needs to let his parent(s) know that you are the parents and not them and they must respect your decisions regarding parenting. If they refuse, then you may have to let them know that they will have limited contact with your kids. You must do what is best for YOUR children. God entrusted them to you and your husband.

    Adam’s Eve, I know what it is like to move to another state. We did it when our kids were young. It wasn’t real hard, but we have recently moved across state, away from our kids. It is harder this time. I had to make the move in my mind first. I look at it as a new chapter in our lives, one where we get to be as amorous as we want. When our kids were little and we moved, it wasn’t so hard because the kids were my focus. This time I am looking at what I want to do with my time (once I get to know the area) and looking here for ideas on how to better please (and drive crazy with passion) my dh. Don’t fear moving out of state. Look at is as an adventure waiting to happen. It’s all about perspective.

  24. The thought of trying or asking him to try new things ( toys) or new positions make me anxious…

    He was once the “all for it” type of man but we got amrried and he acts reserved about the way, places and or postions that we have sex. Im thinking, we are married now we can do all the feraky stuff we want. However he feels the opposite about that and I do NOT know what to do to ease his reservations about sex.

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