Weekly poll #110: Are YOU satisfied with your breast size?


  1. DH loves mine and that’s good enough for me.

  2. well my husband likes them. and i can’t say as i really care much but they can be rather in the way imo.

  3. I’m a natural 34DD and I love it. The only downside is that I have to oftentimes special order bras and lingerie, and that gets expensive.

  4. I selected “yes, I wouldn’t change a thing”, but that’s only partially true. I had to laugh right out loud when I first saw this poll. I am currently 7 months pregnant and I have already gained more than a few cup sizes (I’ve gone from a C to an E, soon to be an F!) Normally, I am happy with my breast size. Right now, not so much. And not looking forward to the gain in size that’s still ahead for me.

  5. I would love to have a boob job but I’m just kinda hesitant for some reason sometimes I like being able to not wear a bra!!! However I just hate that they have always been very low and now with my age totally sag!!! Plus I lost weight this last year and wouldn’t you know that’s where I lost it!!!! Why is it the one place you want it that’s where you lose and not where you need to lose it!!!!! Oh well at least my hubby totally digs them!!!!

  6. i voted … no, i wish i had a bigger size. here’s the thing; when i was young and ‘silly’ i took my ‘endowment’ from God and … reduced it; as it turns out ….. i ended up marrying a ‘boob’ man!!

    he forgives me.

  7. I wish there were an “other” choice because I have implants, but one collapsed a couple of years ago after 15 yrs and I haven’t been able to fix the problem yet. I did make a temp out of foam. My dh would like them removed and I don’t have a problem with going back to my smaller size (an “A” from a full “C”), but it would be obvious to everyone and I don’t know what I would say if I was asked about it. If I’m asked if I had cancer I can’t lie and say yes. Any ideas for a catch-all answer that won’t leave me uncomfortable?

  8. After having four babies I am now a 42F. I would love to have my C’s or even a single D back.

  9. I have to say this poll didn’t say the whole story because I like my size but I just wish they were a little fuller to fill the tops of my bras but then I would like to be a bit larger but not much but I can’t complain they are pretty good πŸ˜‰

  10. I have given birth and nursed 9 children. My newest baby is 2 months old right now and I am thinking of ways to earn $5000 in the next year so I can get a breast lift. I think my breast size will be ok after all this milking, but I soooo badly want a lift. Anyone had this procedure?

  11. I said yes I like my “size”, however I would like them to be back where they were before 3 children & 40 yrs of age! I want them “happy” again & would have surgery in a heartbeat.

  12. I used to hate my breasts. So much! I was a size D by the 5th grade. Now I am a size 34DD. I am newly married, and for the first time in my life I love my breasts because DH loves them SO much! It’s great fun πŸ™‚

  13. 32D is just right for me! I can tone them down for work, or play them up for DH.

  14. thats the same size i am and finding bras can be really hard.

  15. First off, its none of their business. It is a sexual matter and as a married woman, you have the right to keep private matters…..private. but if you do get asked, just say: “its amazing what morning runs will do.” haha did you say you actually WENT on the morning runs? no, so if you want to play the technical game, its not lying. Why would you sacrifice any bit of happiness with the DH in this short life because friends might ask a question.

  16. I love the looks of my breasts (40D) and my DH call them β€œa blessing”

  17. There is a specialty store called Intimacy. They specialize in undergarments for hard to fit women. They do a great job of fitting you. Though if you are a shy person the fitting process may be a bit uncomfortable (the fitting lady comes and stares at your chest and comes back with the right size for you) and for the most part they are not cheap but you get great quality and amazing fit and practically zero hassle. You might try looking there so you don’t have to special order.

  18. Have you had children since then? Are you still able to breastfeed? I married a “boob” man, and it’ll be pretty hard to talk him into a reduction, but my bra straps are cutting my shoulders because of the weight. And that’s after I weaned my little girl. I would just feel horrible if I couldn’t nurse again, because we intend to have more kids.

  19. I don’t want them bigger I would like them as filled out above the nipple as they are below. If they looked as great out of bra than they do in one πŸ™‚

  20. as great out of the bra AS in the bra…where is my noggin??

  21. me too

  22. I’m 34DDD and I buy wacoal bras. They sell them at Nordstrom, it’s also easy to find them on ebay (brand new w/clearance tags) bought from Nordstrom rack (outlet).

  23. ok I so have a question for you would you do the surgery again was it worth it just curious coming from your prospective now!!!!

  24. I am happy with my size, just not my shape. I’d love to be ‘perky’. If I could afford it, I wouldn’t hesitate to get a lift at this point in my life – we’re done having kids and wouldn’t have to worry about it interfering with nursing. It’s just a matter of money.

  25. Was it worth it and would I do it again? Since going thru a spiritual transformation, I have asked myself that question and the answer is no. The heartbreak of it collapsing over just a few days is not worth the money. I did contact the dr that did it originally, and the cost is around $3500 just to repair/replace. Don’t get me wrong. I did like the fuller shape and like having a larger size, but I no longer feel I need a larger size to feel sexy or beautiful. That was an insecurity I had before. God healed me of that when he transformed me. I finally saw myself thru His eyes. Yesterday I did take a look at both breasts and asked myself if I could be happy with such a small size, and I can honestly say I am pleased with how the smaller one looks. I have decided to get both removed, I just don’t know when. We have been so busy moving that it is on the back burner. As for my husband, he never really did like how they felt. He loved me regardless of them, but prefers natural. My one regret is that God didn’t do this transformation before I had the surgery, but I don’t blame Him for that. It was in His time.

  26. Perfectly happy with my “girls”But then again, I am only 31, with one daughter! I’ll get back to you in another ten years!

  27. God gave me just a little. O.k., fine, I can deal with that. It would be nice to be able to buy a bra that fit though. 36AA. Nothing fits properly. Very frustrating.

  28. My hubby digs my “B”s, yay! I like them in the normal day to day life, but I would love to have them a size or two bigger for our night life πŸ˜‰ I’m so thankful that they “work” the way they do! Nursed 3 babies, I’m 40–and they are still pretty perky and they have great sensation.

  29. I’m happy with mine. I know lots of women (and their men!) love the bigger girls, but I’m happy with my B, and I’ve gained some weight in the past few years and they’ve plumped up. My hubs is a boob man, and he’s never complained. I do think that when we have kids he will enjoy the extra, and I will be happy to shrink back down when that’s done.
    I have always said that I would rather have too little than too much, I know several gals who have had therapeutic reductions, too much strain and pressure on the lower back from the weight up front. Plus, more to sag later.

  30. I did not have boobs until I started having sex, once my husband and I were married. We joke that they just needed to be rubbed to grow! I loved them then and love them now!

  31. I wouldn’t mind a bit more myself. I used to be a 38C. Then I lost 50 lbs. and now I’m a 34A. It’s difficult to find bras, and even the padded ones don’t add much. I’m pretty sure my husband would like them a little bit bigger too. Good thing I married a leg man though! πŸ™‚ The main benefit is that with the right bra, even though I’m in my 40’s and nursed 6 babies, I can boost them right up high and have a youthful, perky look.

  32. after 3 breast feed babies my chest looks like you could tie a bow on it LOL!! just a bit of a perk up is all i’d like.

  33. Post-augmentation, I still think it’s the best investment we ever made. Hubby agrees!

  34. When I started dating my husband to be, my breast size just flourished… probably because my husband to be at the time introduced me to the joys of red meat (I grew up in a household of vegetarians!) Anyway, my husband is a very hands-on kind of guy, much to my delight discovering this during our honeymoon, and I’ve even grown since being married. I’m comfortable with my size now and I know how much big breasts are beautiful and attractive to him and how much comfort he finds through them. I wouldn’t change a thing! I love them!

  35. i’m afraid of my breasts getting smaller as i’m starting a goal of loosing 60lbs…. :/ i love being a D and my hub loves it too πŸ˜›

  36. I am happy with mine as we speak. I am not really sure what size I am right now, but my 36E nursing bra is not quite as filled out as it was a few months ago. Losing the baby weight and less nursing has made them smaller, but not quite down to what I was (34C).

  37. I am so miserable with my breasts!! They are not attractive at all. I was a 34B then jumped to a 36C then into a 34D. I’ve spiraled down since I started dropping pounds. I’m a small 34B now and there is nothing perky about them. They never were perky, even way back in high school. When I lay down I look like a boy :-/ Guess I could start chowing down on McDonald’s every day…at least they will grow, along with the rest of me.

    Implants have been on my radar for 12 years (I’m 30) and I have not had the money for them yet. One day I will not look like I belong in Natl Geographic!

  38. I can so relate to that. I’m a mom of five children with all of my pregnancy wieght id gotten upto260 lbs, and then nursing three of my five children. My “girls” were well mountianus (48DD) with the rest of me to boot. But , I started a goal to live healthy and loose the weight shortly after my last one was weaned. And now the “girls” are doing a natl. geo. dance of thier own(36b). Im so proud of the way Ive lost my weight n live healthier, But boy o’boy does breast implants look really good these days. i geuss my only hang up was that my husband is a large perky “girls” kinda man. I just keep praying for guidence on this issue and remembering always im made fearfully and wonderfully and in jesus’s sight im beautiful.

  39. I’m an A cup. Went to a B when I was pregnant and nursing, then got smaller than before after I quit nursing. That B cup was quite nice.

  40. me too. 😦

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