Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I realize that my habit of __________ sometimes drives my husband crazy!



  1. ….being silent when we have a problem…..

  2. Not drying off COMPLETELY after a shower and then getting in to bed.

  3. blow drying my hair after he has gotten in bed

  4. I realize that my habit of leaving lights on drives my husband crazy!

  5. overanalyzing things. “Will I offend them?” “What does it mean when you do that?” etc…

  6. Talking about the children during the very beginning of foreplay. oops 🙂

  7. obsessing about being tidy

  8. over analyzing things or hitting the snooze button too much. lol that drives him insane.

  9. not closing my armoire shut (I just push the doors to)… I hear him closing them all the time.

  10. Yep!! Me too!!

  11. Reading into something that’s not there at all and getting worked up about it. I’ve gotten better :). Not cured, but better :).

  12. Using the same tone w him as I do w the kids when I think something needs correcting.

  13. Not finishing my sentences. sometime i get lost in thought and not realize that i didn’t finish until my DH lets me know (mostly irritated) that i haven’t finished my sentence.

  14. The fact I have no concept of time, I am late to many things when he prefers to be early, I couldn’t tell you what time of day it is unless there is a clock handy, I get lost in a project or thought and completely forget about the time for other things. To make matters worse, I can’t wear a watch because I “kill” them in no time at all haha.

  15. This will tell you I’m married to a computer nerd genius…. not changing back the mouse setting on his computer to super sensitive drives my husband crazy. I sit down and personally don’t want the mouse to be leaping all over the page… but he needs it to be super sensitive for the games he plays. I sometimes forget to change it back before getting up.

  16. hahahahahaha….that is a passion killer for sure!

  17. I realize that my flirtatious ways sometimes drives my husband crazy…

  18. I had the same problem with watches. For years I asked dh for a wind up watch but they are either impossible to find or expensive. But 5-6 yrs ago he got me a Citizen Eco Drive and it’s still alive. Light charges the battery. The best part is, it is guarenteed for at least 2 yrs, so if you kill it before that, they must fix or replace. Granted, they aren’t cheap. This one was about $200 but I chose something elegant and it was my Christmas present. I am just glad it still works.

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