Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


One annoying habit of my husband’s that sometimes drives me crazy, is ____________.



  1. Leaving his clothes in the bathroom after he showers… ugh. REALLY!!!

  2. he shaves all his hair down there, “twig and berries” it kinda grosses me out like one of those wrinkly dogs with no hair.

  3. his very long intense passionate ranting at something that bothers him in a given moment/conversation. he doesnt realize when he’s shouting and he repeats all the info i already know. … i’ve told him this tho :p i love his passion, it’s just annoying when i’m too tired to give a care about what he’s talking about, esp if i already know all about what he’s talking about. …the sermon at church, for example, 20mins later he’s passionately repeating the whole thing to me. … :p (hi hub 🙂 )

  4. Oh my gosh! If I go there my libido will tank like the stock market after an Obama speach! Ever since I found this website (month ago) I don’t care so much about my hubby’s irritating habbits. He has brought me so much joy and pleasure every evening in our bedroom, that I can’t be irritated with him…AND I have given him so much pleasure that he is REALLY making a strong effort to do what makes me happy.

  5. We’ll have something that we need to do, or even just something fun planned that I’m really looking forward to, and just as we’re about to leave or start whatever it is, nature calls and he and whatever book he’s reading head in to the bathroom for 20 minutes.

  6. DUDE! the obama speech thing is totally what he does too! ack!! hahaha

  7. Occasionally I’m not happy finding out that he forgot to flush the toilet. I don’t make a big deal out of it and just go ahead and do it myself. He gets up early in the morning, and his brain isn’t running on all cylinders, so he’ll think he pushed the handle down all the way, when sometimes it turns out he didn’t. I just let him know and we move on :).

  8. He picks at scabs… it skeeves me out.

  9. That’s the same affect this site has on my marriage lol. I call it my “just do what I gotta do to get / give great sex” mentality . Just makes the day go smoother 🙂

  10. Leaves cabinets open after getting something out…it’s just funny to me.

  11. When he sits on the edge of our bed with his knife and scrapes the dead skin off his feet and around his toes. Bit unnerving.

  12. He finishes dinner and leaves the plate sitting out in the living room overnight. I don’t even think he notices because I’ve picked it up by the time he wakes up.

  13. His “ability” to walk around something left in the middle of the floor, or on the side of our bed. It’s like it becomes invisible, and he NEVER sees it again!

  14. After I wrote that I bumped my head on an open cabinet…lol….that was not so funny.

  15. amen sister!

  16. I do this all the time!

  17. Leave dishes in the sink with a half-empty, dirty dishwasher. Usually I laugh, unless something else is stressing me out, then it’s not funny!

  18. Hocking and spitting in the morning. Drives me up the wall. He needs to take a Zyrtec or something. I wake up before him and shut the door so I don’t have to hear it.

  19. When doing the dishes he has to change his CD after every song.

  20. …leaving the lights on when he leaves the room, especially in the morning, because I like ‘atmosphere’ when I get out of bed. The utility room light does not need to be on while he’s eating breakfast in the kitchen!

    Like others, this site has been helpful in overlooking some of the annoying stuff. Thanks, ladies!

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