Passionate Bedrooms

I love my bedroom.  I knew when we first got married that one day I wanted to have a purple bedroom.  Not a nice cool lavender color, but a deep, dark, passionate purple!  I couldn’t wait to get to work when we bought our house!  My husband went with me to the paint store and laughed when I showed him the color I wanted, but he went with it and now he loves it too!

And did I mention our king sized bed?  That was another thing that I always wanted… a very tall king bed that I almost need a step stool to get up into.  So needless to say, I was thrilled when we went to pick out our new bedroom suite!  We have a huge, soft, down comforter and several purple throw pillows to match our walls.  In fact, we have 10 pillows on our bed (when all of the throw pillows are on there).

We have small candles on our dressers and night stands, and we also have a nice pear scented spray called “Between the Sheets” that we sometimes spray on our sheets that is soothing and nice to smell.  I have found that certain aromas can certainly be a real turn on.

We don’t have a fancy canopy bed with curtains or anything, but what we do have works for us.  I love my bedroom.  I love that it has always been a ‘kid free zone.’  (Our kids are not allowed in our bedroom at any time.)  I love our oversized comfortable bed, all of our pillows, our mirrors, our purple walls, and our private bathroom.  It’s exactly what we need.  It works for us.

So tell me… what makes your bedroom work for you?  What makes it passionate?


  1. I don’t like the idea of a “kid free zone” at all for bedroom. I have two small children and I love that they come to our room in the morning and snuggle with us. Things may change when they get older but for now our room is just another lovely part of our house.

    I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to a bedroom. All I need is clean, nice sheets and a comfortable bed and not too much clutter. The paint on the bedroom walls has very little effect on our love life, thankfully. We could have a great time even on a concrete floor somewhere which is great! I am not much for candles and smelly stuff either–doesn’t do anything for husband or me.

  2. I love our bedroom too. We have a high, comfy queen bed with an iron-wrought headboard that has red & blue mini lights entwined in it. There are 2 candle holders above that mounted on the wall. We have candles on every dresser! 🙂 Tbe room is deep burgundy with gold accents. Long burgundy/silver drapes cover the window. We have an artificial fireplace to warm the room when it’s cold. And dh always has it going when I get out of the tub. 😉 we also have a mini fogger than stobes different colors. 😀 I like your rule that your kids aren’t allowed in your bedroom.

  3. we have a black netting canopy over our bed–something i’ve always wanted–with a small black candel chandelier in the middle, and candels all over our dresser. i get particularly irritated when our kitten tears it down and my hub asks if we should take it down… 😛 it makes our room feel romantic to me, and my hub loves lighting all the candels on occasion. 🙂 when we get a house i want our room to be dark colours–and a kid free zone too!

  4. My bedroom doesn’t work, at all!! I’m still in the dream stage of what I would love for it to be. But…when my husband was in seminary, he was also working and serving as an assistant pastor, so I pretty much never saw him. Until…the parsonage we lived in had a converted attic space which was his office/study area. Right off of it was a large closet. One day, I totally surprised him and cleaned out that closet, and turned it into our very own “Love Shack”. Nothing fancy, in fact I put in an air mattress. But I did everything in shades of red, mounted candles to the wall, added a canopy over the bed, a mini fridge, and cd player. I think that closet saved our marriage during seminary:) My husband had many study breaks! We still smile every time we think about that closet!

  5. I think what made it so special, was it served no purpose other than romance. And, it meant the world to my husband that I created this special place just for us.

  6. Ok I totally love the no kids thing wow!!!! I do not ever let our kids sleep in our bed but our bedroom is a favorite place for them especially our shower drives me crazy I might have to instill the no kids zone!!!!!

  7. We moved into our new horribly shaped bedroom about 2 months ago when we switched apartments. The ceilings are slanted and low in places and given it’s the biggest room in the house, it has to double for a computer room too since my husband has a tech business on the side. (no customers are ever allowed in our home – he does have an office – and no house guests.) We still have boxes to unpack since we both work two jobs and it makes me incredibly frustrated sometimes that our bedroom is a computer/utility/storage/bedroom.

    However, in the past, what made our bedroom work was that we kept it only for sex and sleeping so if my DH was leading me down the hall and it was no where near bedtime, I knew what was going to happen. For us, we both appreciate low lighting, no distractions (so heavy topics are saved for way before or well after), and clean spaces. We’d also like to get a room divider and night stands (and candles) for when we’re not quite so flap broke [with all our car payments and school loans]. But for now we make it work, but shutting out the atmosphere, and getting down to it ;o) which still happens so wonderfully.

  8. I love this, it makes me smile!

  9. Our bedroom is pretty bad – mismatched furniture, clutter, lack of a consistent color or decorative scheme. Sometimes I wonder how we are able to achieve a pretty good sex life in that room! This is something we really need to address.

  10. We are in process right now with redecorating in our room. We had things put together nicely, then we were offered a king bed for free, so that messed everything up. Before, we had a wooden bed with brown and white and green colors. Now we have a black iron bed, with charcoal, white, black, and a little yellow going on. We have been doing a little at a time. I got a comforter for Christmas last year, made curtains in July, new nightstands last week. Stuff like that. Our room is not kid free…there would be no keeping out our 22 month old DD. Maybe when she’s older. One thing we need to be better at is keeping our bathroom counter clean. It is open in the bedroom and really bugs me when it’s dirty.

  11. Just thought I’d let you know. I read this article today and my husband and I agreed and decreed at dinner tonight that the kids (we have three boys) are no longer allowed in our room for any reason. I really liked that idea, just had never thought of it. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Okay, passionate bedrooms are great. Kids free sex is not always possible. The other day we got carried away after a movie and things turned out hot and then out of control…… We ended up having oral on the couch, which we did a lot of times. However, last night my 10year old girl walked in on us silently as she was going to get some water. Neither of us noticed as my DH was eating me and I was starring at the ceiling with my eyes closed an she stood there watching from the side 😦 when I noticed her I quickly threw my skirt over his head. Which made things worse, as it looked like I was trying to hide something wrong. I tried to tell her that we were just being playful. I do not know how to deal with this. I feel like she has lost her innocence in a moment. Already she once expressed that she felt kinda strange when she touchéd herself there. I did not explain it to her then, but now may be I need to explain things to her linking up her feeling strange and what she has seen.

  13. In this day in age I have found that if you ignore or are to vague with answering these types of questions the kids will go somewhere else for answers and most of the time those answers are not what we want them exposed to.

    I would be upfront but non graphic. Something along the lines of “God gave each of us special things that help a man and wife enjoy each other.” I would then go on to explain that there are some people who don’t save those special things for their husband and will tell you different things but know that in this house We follow God’s word not the words of others.

    Thats a tough situation to be in and as long as you make it clear that it is something that is done out of love for each other and is privet and special for a husband and wife I think you will be good.

  14. Thank you. That helps and I will follow what you have said. I have already told something on the lines that you have mentioned. It really helps to get that support.

  15. My Hubby and I have a mismatched, mixed up bedroom that usually looks like a bomb went off 🙂 Between school and full time work for me as well as a performing schedule and full time work for hubby and church volunteering that we do (kids, youth and worship team) we worry about keeping main areas clean and not the bedroom cause we can shut the door. We do have a king size bed which is awesome, before we were crammed in a double and neither of us is short. We have mixed up blankets and covers and we use the disarray to be playful. hiding in the blankets or surprises in the blankets. We have candles and a cinnamon reed diffuser. We do want to change the room colour to red, but right now it is a bone colour cause we lack money 😦 i think it is more about what you make of it when the space is not perfect, and with artistic types like us there is always lots of creativity 😉

  16. We have a 10 yr old as well, and I am always concerned about her walking in on us too, just as commented above, as sometimes things do happen in the living room somewhat unexpected. Different locations are of course a nice change that turns on both my husband and I, but one never knows with kids if there is an unexpected interruption! I am always the one to get up and lock the door to our bedroom, whereas my husband says, oh don’t worry, she (the 10 yr old) is sleeping and won’t hear. But that would be the time she woke up from a bad dream, or to use the washroom, and decided to come in to Mom and Dad’s room. Of course, it is time to start giving her a little more information about certain things that go on between moms and dads, but I would prefer to express that to her a little more gently and appropriately than walking in on us in the act! My husband works away 10 days at a time, so when he is home, there is a strong possibility lots could be happenin’ ! Adds to the thrill to take such chances in other parts of our home, but don’t want to traumatize our child either, so I guess the locked bedroom it will be, or always keep one eye on the hallway and little footsteps coming from that direction! Next time our daughter is invited for a sleepover at a friends house, I will definitely be saying yes, and then plan for one awesome lovemaking session with my husband!

  17. We’ve been married 10 months and our room is still changing, as is the house! For the most part, I like the decor but the hubs and I both struggle with clutter. Where do neat people put all the everyday things??

    Though we don’t have kids yet, I don’t think I wanna do the kids free zone. I LOVED being in my parents room when I was little whether it was watching my mom get ready, looking at her jewelry, snuggling in the morning after dad left for work, or getting cozy for bedtime prayers…such sweet memories! of course I was taught to respect their space and privacy and we will teach our kids the same; I’d hate to miss out on those special times with my kids.

  18. That is wonderful!

  19. A few years back I surprised DH with our ‘Song Of Solomon” bedroom. Over weeks I was buying and hiding beautiful and elegent throw rugs, cushions, quilt, etc. I spent 4 weeks hand beading royal blue/red/purple beads into strands and then attaching them to the lower rim of our navy blue bedside lamps.
    A friend gave me some stunning indian cloth that shimmered different colours of gold, green, red, blue etc from it’s patterns, I covered the draws with the material fastening it with spray adhesive and tacking the edges with gold thumb tacks. I then used some deep red patterned material left over from our wedding to cover the tops. I used a very old mock gold guilded wall clock.
    When DH went to work our daughter helped me to set the whole bedroom up, he was pretty awestruck when he saw it, not just because it was so beautiful but because he had no idea about the surprise. It really was a room fit for my king.

  20. Funny that I’m reading this today. Yesterday I ordered a romantic bedset that is plum, black and white. I have a circular canopy that hangs from the ceiling that I plan to dye black. I also plan to thrift some cool dressers and then re-do them black and plum with white accents. We have an apartment, so we are stuck with white walls, but I have a great art idea for a large wall hanging when we have the money.
    In almost 6 years of marriage, we haven’t had much money for nice things, but recently my husband has started a new career that he loves and that brings in a little extra above our needs. I’m excited to finally be able to have the sexy getaway that I’ve been dreaming of!

  21. MoreAndMoreHis, that sounds great. We are renting so were unable to change our creme colour walls and built in wardrobe doors, however, I had a thought to use those wall decals that can be brought only ir in some retail outlets, there is so much variety to choose from. May you and your DH share many special moments in your soon to be “new’ bedroom.

  22. how cool is that!!

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