Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


One thing my husband can do that has a calming influence on me is __________.



  1. …rub my neck and shoulders, and give me soft kisses!

  2. I would say it is holding me. I suffer from bipolar disorder. When it is at its worse I can become very violet and agressive. This is usually directed towards my DH. But when he puts his arms around me I feel safe and am able to calm down.

  3. Smile. A simple smile from him puts me at ease. As long as he can smile, I know everything is gonna be alright!

  4. Just wraping his big strong arms around me is enough.

  5. hold me close.

  6. start rubbing my back or stroking my hair. any touching actually – that’s my love language!

  7. Hold me.

  8. taking the time to listen to me while rubbing my back when I’ve had a hard day!

  9. Take me in his arms and hold me. If we are having a disagreement, then praying for me does it. I am powerless against his prayers for me.

  10. engulf me in his arms and just hold me, then pull away, look in my face and say the reassuring thing, then hold me some more.

  11. I appreciate when he caresses my breasts. It’s incredibly soothing.

  12. A massage. Plain and simple ;).

  13. definately hold me. …and make decisions for me. when i’m stressed / frazzled i hate having to make any kind of decisions, even little ones like “what do you want for dinner?” haha if he just takes control of my decision making for a while it makes me calm down.

  14. My favorite is sex! I just love a good orgasm to relax me for whatever reason. 🙂

  15. reassure me that he loves me no matter what. 🙂

  16. I just said this to him the other night…it’s comforting when he caresses my breasts.

  17. Make a hyperbolic joke out of the situation (he knows when this is good and when the timing is bad), or send me out to run

  18. Takes me by the shoulders and tells me to calm down. And when I tell him I *am* calm, he just gazes into my eyes and I realize I’m not. And on occasion, I present him with everything I know, and he calls the shot. It’s such a relief to have him decide.

  19. Reassure me that everything is going to be alright.

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