Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


No matter how many times I’ve seen my husband naked, I still love it when his __________ comes into my line of sight!



  1. shoulders and chest

  2. His butt!

  3. His tight athletic bottom and erect penis… Yum!

  4. Butt 😉

  5. shirtless self 😛 😀

  6. His 6 pack & lower 😉

  7. Butt 🙂

  8. His erect penis

  9. His bare back. It’s so warm and irresistible :).

  10. Penis!! Lol 😀

  11. Yep, erect penis for sure. Although his freshly trimmed facial hair, trimmed nice and tight turns me on!!

  12. Belly button & below!!!!

  13. id have to agree :]

  14. his sexy sexy butt!!! 😉

  15. shoulders, chest, back and my absolute favs – his amazing arms!! he has really strong, long arms that wrap around me and make me feel safe and secure.

  16. His hairy chest

  17. Butt. Or shoulder/biceps (even when he hasn’t been working out, but especially when he has)

  18. Arms/shoulders/chest. My hubby works out as well, and when those muscles are full & “bowed up” …… well, stand back!

  19. Back and butt…so pretty much just his entire back side 🙂

  20. My husband’s hands really turn me on. He has these long strong fingers that I just adore!

  21. arms! love his arms!

  22. His buttocks for sure and his legs and feet. I also feel proud of myself when i see his erect penis 🙂

  23. buns…he started running recently and they are rounder than they used to be 🙂

  24. tush, thighs & erection! :-O

  25. erect penis, for sure. Its incredible.

  26. erect penis and ball sack. He recently started removing the hair around the base of his penis and scrotum (at my request as the hairs kept getting in my mouth during oral). Anyway the hairless jewels look so cute!

  27. definatly his butt! second would be his erection! amazing!!

  28. Semi-erected penis walking towards me tells me something hot is about to happen.

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