Weekly poll #112: Social Media…which do you use?

The Power

I can’t possibly tell you how much I need this book right now.   Just as Stormie has hinted at in this initial chapter, ask me to pray for you, and I will.  But I can honestly say that I can’t remember when I have prayed for myself or my own needs.   I can’t remember the last time I spent my own private personal time with my Savior.  In my world today as a wife, mother, church member, supervisor, employee, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece…. Notice, I haven’t mentioned me.

Like Stormie’s testimony, I have never stopped walking with God.   I go to church, I participate in Sunday school (as of late),  but  my walk with God is not intimate.   I can’t find time in my day to spend time with God.  I had a system down years ago…. How I got out of the habit, I have no clue.  Busyness, I presume.  I will confess that I am depleted some days.  Tired all the time.  I spend all day pleasing people…my employees, families that come to my place of employment,  trying to create more business for my business, …. Just today, I was planning on taking 30 minutes at work just to close my door and take out my Bible and see where the Lord might take me, but when the time came…. Something else came up that I HAD to do.   Get done working, then I get the kids at school….if you have ever met my daughter, you would know that she needs convincing from the time she gets home to the time that she goes to bed that she does NOT need Mom to entertain her for those 6 hours.  Incessant talking.   Wishing I had just 5 minutes to myself…oh, yeah, and the dog manages to get the door open when I am trying to hide in the bathroom.   A one year old mixed breed that needs entertained or she chews up anything she gets her mouth on.  Do you think I can find time with God at home?  Does this sound familiar to you at all?  What’s your story?

My story may not be yours, but we may have one truth in common that Ms. Omartian brings forth.  Do you know how to pray for yourself?  Do you know exactly what you need from your Heavenly Father?  I don’t.  Oh, it’s not that I don’t know what I need, it’s that my head gets so boggled while trying to pray, that I usually give up.  Satan knows how to play me like a harp.   But sisters in Christ, I don’t want to just live day to day.  I just don’t want to arrive in heaven some day with a bare minimum relationship with the man who gave up everything for me.   Ladies, I don’t know about you, but I know I need to tap into God’s power to help overthrow Satan’s grip on my life.  There is nothing more pleasing to Satan than to mess around with our lives and our relationship with God.  We need to be sure that we know how to tap into God’s power over Satan.  That power, my friends, is in our prayers.

Starting next Monday, we’ll discuss chapter one, “Lord, Draw Me into a Closer Walk with You”.   I can’t wait!

Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


One annoying habit of my husband’s that sometimes drives me crazy, is ____________.


There’s an App for that…..

My dh and I both have Android phones.  I was amazed when he showed me how many different kinds of games and applications are on this phone!  So I started searching for some games at first….

My favorite games that I have downloaded are Angry Birds, Shoot Bubbles, iSpadez, & Jewels.  I downloaded Hangman and Mole Mole for my daughter and we also downloaded Air Hockey.  Helps keep us busy on those long doctor office waits or when we are on the road.

I started finding more and more….Business apps… Quickoffice, post it notes, calculators and alarms, banking apps, several email accounts, Adobe readers, etc.  Social networks like Facebook.  WordPress so I can keep up with my favorite blog on my phone 🙂  Goofy things, like Coin Flip to solve arguments between my two kids.   WebMD.  Kindles.  Amazon.com.   Flash Lights.  Navigation programs and Google maps.  Geico Brostache!  (HAHA…see above)

So once I got all these fun things, I got to thinking… I wonder if there is a menstrual calendar.  I am TERRIBLE about keeping one at home anymore and I hate putting it in my purse calendar (now, why do I need one in my purse when I can download one on my phone??)  So I did a search, and WOW, there was a menstrual calendar and calculator!  Awesome.  I can put in my menstrual dates in, and it gives me estimates of when I should ovulate and when I can expect my next cycle!  I can record temperatures in it for NFP if I so chose to do it.  I can notate when I ML to my hubby.  I can record doctor appointments…medications I am taking…. Record if and when I take an ovulation test or pregnancy test, moods, etc.   WOW!  All of this for FREE!  I am set!

But then it got me thinking more…. What else can I find on here related to sex?  So I head back to the Droid market and type in sex.   Paid and free apps … sex positions, sex offenders… sex dice…hmmm interesting….sex facts…. Cunnilingus 101…. Oh, a Magic sex ball…. Mobile vibrators (??) … sex stories… sex games….sex position of the day….explicit sex positions kinky foreplay….sexy texts… oh, my, there was SO MUCH.

Now here’s my question, though… my son also has a Droid phone.  He got my old one when we upgraded.  The more I looked at that list, I got to “Sexy Asian Girls”  Ummm.  I think this is one place where some discussion is needed.

We are in a world today where we are exposed to more sex in on our TV, in songs on the radio, on the internet…. And now on our iPhones and Droid phones as well.   The world in general is a very dangerous place for those who are struggling with porn.  Our kids can download this apps on their own phones.  People don’t think twice about sexting.  As technology gets greater, we get more temptations out there that we need to guard our hearts.  While some of these apps that I mentioned above may be harmless and useful, there are still others that we need to guard our hearts on.

If you have a phone where you can download these apps and carry them around on your phone, how do you feel about this?  What kind of apps are on your phone?  Have you downloaded any sex apps?  How do you guard your heart when there is so much temptation out there?   Let’s start a discussion on what we should be careful of and what is truly helpful.

Weekly poll #111: Opposite sex friendships

Expound in the comment section if you need to.

Reminder: Book Study starts next week!!

Don’t forget that next week, we start The Power of a Praying Woman.  We’ll start with the introductory chapter , The Power.  We will read and discuss one chapter a week.  The nice thing is that the chapters are relatively short, about 10 pages.  Hopefully you will want to contribute to the weekly discussions.

I am new to leading a book study, never done it before, so be patient with me as I try something new!  I think this will be a very interesting book to read together.

Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I realize that my habit of __________ sometimes drives my husband crazy!


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