Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


The number one thing that causes arguments in our home is __________.



  1. Untidiness

  2. Lack of communication

  3. Our teenagers. We came from totally different upbringing and sometimes my Hubby parents our son a lot different then our girls.
    My hubby tends to want to avoid conflict with them, and I tend to want to parent probably longer than I should. So when I confront an issue, and kids get defensive, hubby tends to get mad at me for rocking the boat. Now that two are out of the house, mostly, things are much easier. Our youngest is handicapped though, so we most likely will always have her with us.

  4. procrastination

  5. used to be a messy house but since I figured out that acts of service is H’s love lang and that part of what makes him feel loved is coming home to a tidy home we don’t fight about that at all. Instead the main source of conflict now seems to be when I let my occasional fears and insecurities lead me to say things better kept to myself.

  6. Not so much anymore, thank God. But early on, it was miscommunication.

  7. Finances (surprised no one else has said it yet)

  8. Ditto but its my mess

  9. Miscommunication

  10. Yep, money is the #1 cause of arguments in our household. Just the other day I got embarrassingly upset in the grocery store when my husband wanted to buy 5 things of steak and I knew we couldn’t afford it.

  11. Money. Or the lack of it. Just plain frustration not because we don’t know how to spend correctly but because we just don’t have enough coming in to pay the bills.

  12. usually its my forgetfulness, but here lately (for the last4 years) its been my involvment with our local youth group. apperantly i’ve been spending too much time with them. (i think i could be spending way more) after a lot a prayer and some realization, i’ve desided to quiet teaching at our church. if this is one of the only things that seems to be getting between us, then i want to make sure its not going to tear us apart. the only things is, those kids (after my own) mean a lot to me. it hurts so bad. but it is what i have to do in order to put my husband first.

  13. Jade: I used to feel the same way about my girl scout troop. I wasn’t as wise as you are though and I didn’t quit it until my own kids dropped GS. I discounted my husbands concerns to a degree because I knew I was doing a good thing. BUT once I started putting him first here on Earth you wouldn’t believe how the quality of life changed for all of us. Good Job making a tough choice. God wants us to prioritize Him first, our husbands second our kids third our work fourth and then everything else. If you do that the blessings that flow may surprise you. Good Luck!

  14. my pride. I tend to get upset when he hasn’t acctually meant to do anything. like the other day when I got mad and thought he was rejecting me because he didn’t want the candy i offered him (stupid i know). if i could just stop taking things so personally and making everything all about me i think we would get along way way way better.

  15. Ditto. I feel my DH doesn’t manage money well.

  16. Our Bedsheets in the middle of the night! We joke that making the bed is vital for our marriage.

  17. The past.

  18. Money issues

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