Weekly poll #116: Who has the higher sex drive?


  1. At 53 (me) and 52 (hubby), he’s entering the twilight years of sex drive, and I’m still raring to go! He’s having to supplement with testosterone gel, which helps a lot. I’m the one who would be happy with twice a day.

    This is completely inverted from when we were younger: he wished for 3 times a day, I wished for 3 times a MONTH! But, I was at home doing the kid gig, which wore me out at times.

  2. it used to be my dh hands down, but after i got off the depot shot, it has been a tie!!! 😉

  3. I voted I do, but sometimes it can vary between the two of us, but usually I have the higher sexdrive! Lol

  4. I do. I’ve told my husband before that i think its because he want’s sex when his body feels a physical need for it. where as my body feels a physical need for sex when I feel loved. and since my husband is a pretty sweet guy i feel loved most of the time which means I’d be happy having sex at least once a day if not 3 times a day but even though he doesn’t mind sex once a day he’s fine for a few days before he acctually wants it typically

  5. Definitely I have the higher sex drive. We are currently investigating his low testosterone level to see if that might help. But my hubby is very accomodating and loves to please me. But on the other hand I am also very careful about not coming on too strong. I want to be respectful of his needs too.

  6. Definitely, I do.

  7. Me!

  8. I do, but only by a hair. XD We joke about it a lot, but I know I’m not the only woman who has the higher drive. He’s very happy to have a wife who has such a high drive. I’m always the one looking for new things for us to do, trying to come up with creative things to do on our nights together. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t do those same things– he is more spontaneous, whereas I try to plan ahead at least a few days. We each always make sure the other enjoys it to the fullest, and we never let each other down. ^_^

  9. Lately we are equal like the tide we both eb and flow depending on how busy we are.

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