Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


Before marriage, I didn’t realize how good __________ would be!



  1. sex and cuddling

  2. Life, and sex!!! And orgasms!! Lol they are way better with hubby! I have never been with anyone else but even when I “make myself” it’s never as good as when he does it!!

  3. Oral sex and touching hubby’s penis. Seriously. The idea used to creep me out! Even early on in our marriage (which has been now a little over a year 🙂 ) I’d get nervous seeing his genitals or at the thought of giving him a blow job. I’ve come a long way now ;).

  4. Financial stability. When I married I was fresh out of college and barely making 30k/year. I lived with a roommate, lived very cheaply, and struggled to make my student loan payments. Although he didn’t make much more than I did it was was wonderful to be able to combine income and expenses. I grew up very poor and although we were still on a tight budget, it was the first time I felt secure.

  5. sex. honestly. haha 🙂

  6. love could be when you let it all go

  7. Snuggling up in bed naked with my husband

  8. Oral sex

  9. “never being alone at home”

    I’m an introvert by nature, so I thought I’d get really sick of having someone always there. However, now that I’m married, I truly appreciate my husband’s company even if we’re just spending shoulder-to-shoulder time together. Plus, I eat a lot better because it’s actually worth cooking for 2. 😉

  10. Well I could go with the obvious and say sex. (We were virgins) But I think I’ll say friendship. There is just something about having that best friend always by your side to always be there for you.

  11. ‘the constant companionship’

    I love sex and all that goes with it (we were virgins too), but I think I had high expectations for that. I don’t think I realized how great it was going to be to have a best friend living with you forever.

  12. Married sex. The world paints the picture that married sex is boring and fornication and adultery is wild and free. My husband and I have learned how good married sex can be just recently after 13 years.

  13. I’d have to say a constant companion. A lot of friends have come and gone, and when I met my hubby, I felt very alone, I’d just moved and left many good friends behind. I still love the fact that I get a sleepover with my best friend, every night.

  14. I never knew I would enjoy giving OS to mybe husband as much as I do!! I wonder who really likes it more!

  15. My husband goes down on me and squeezes my nipples at the same time.

  16. “being in it for the long haul and knowing he is too”

    There is a deep happiness and connection that comes from knowing that your marriage has lasted 21 years and has come through the various trials stronger and more loving than ever..

  17. Oral sex.

    In a moment of weakness I performed on my husband while we were still dating. (We were both Christians and knew better than to go that far, but we did.) He loved it. After we got married I only did it a few times and didn’t really like it. I didn’t like the salty taste.

    We’ve been married over 25 years and quite a few years ago we changed our diets. Having come into my sexual awakening recently I’ve discovered I love to give him a blow job, and now he tastes sweet. I still can’t stand to have him cum in my mouth…the thickness is just too much and I gag. But up until that point I love performing oral on him.

    I knew before we were married I liked to perform, but only in the past year I’ve really enjoyed it and craved doing it.

  18. Security/stability. I grew up in a very broken home and never dreamed I would have such stability and consistency in my life. What a blessing! What a relief!

  19. His tongue could be.

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