Chapter 5: Lord, Strengthen Me to Stand Against the Enemy

This chapter is one I needed to read badly.   There are times in my life when I leave the door open just a crack, and Satan comes meandering right into my life again…because I let him in.

We have an enemy who is like a terrorist to our soul.”  I never heard this put this way, and it really stood out to me as I began the chapter this week.   Of course, I knew that Satan was the enemy, but I never thought about him as a terrorist…but he really is!  I know the feelings that I get when I let him get his foot in the door.   Lately, he has gotten in somehow, and I need to use the power Jesus gave me when he died on the cross for me to rid my life of Satan.  I know he is in my life right now because there is a lot of anxiety…forgetfulness…confusion…. It’s like my mind is a great big black kettle, and Satan is just stirring things up, throwing things in that just muddle me even more.   It’s times like these when I throw on some worship music.  Pandora has become my friend… I love to sing worship music.  I find that when I listen or sing along, Satan isn’t present anymore.  Cause he hates worship music!  He hates me praising God.   So he disappears.

I didn’t grow up in the church.  I didn’t memorize a lot of verses in my youth…it just wasn’t done in my household.   I didn’t have much to go on, except two grandmothers who showed me the love of God through themselves.    My Dad’s mother used to play organ, and she taught me from the beginning of my being “Jesus Loves Me”  She would play it and we would sing it and I would feel so free!  My Mom’s mother influenced me so much that on my 16th birthday all she could afford was to give me $5.  I used that $5 and some money I earned and bought my first bible.   That’s where my life started changing, a little at a time.  So worship music is my thing.   I love it when I find the words of a Paul Baloche song in Psalms.  It’s like finding something new that I didn’t know about God’s word.   (Yeah, it’s weird…I know!  LOL)

I love Stormie’s 5 weapons against Satan.   They are really good tools to have in our arsenal.  God’s word…Praise….Obedience….Faith….Prayer and fasting.   All wonderful weapons that every Christian has at his/her disposal.

My mom’s been battling with cancer.  She was in remission, but we recently found out that it may be back.  There are still tests to be done to see if it is or not.   But Mom commented to my sister at the last procedure… “why me?”  It’s because she’s a child of God.  It’s because she is obedient to God.   Those are the exact people that Satan tries to break down.  I told my sister to tell Mom that God won’t let her go through anything that she can’t handle, and he will always provide a way out.   I hope that I am blessed with the same faith that she has.   Her strength comes from the Lord.  “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord” – Everlasting God by Brenton Brown.

Which weapon do you find that is the most effective way of keeping Satan out of your life?   What left an impression on you as you read through this chapter?


  1. First of all let me say I am very sorry your mom is battling cancer. But I like that you said, “mom, you are battling cancer because she is a child of God, because she is obedient.” Yes, indeed, when we begin to serve God fully, Satan comes “like a flood.” He seeks whom he may devour. He is like a roaring lion trying to take us down and will use cancer, devastation, like with Job to make us deny our Lord God and the power of His Son, Jesus.

    Thank God for faithful women of God. Your mom is a great believer, but when cancer comes knocking it is probably scary. You just pray and ask God for her strength in HIM. I LOVE reading about Paul…when he was in prison, chained, and he sang songs and the other prisoners were astounded! How could he be beaten and chained up and SINGING PRAISES TO GOD? I honestly don’t know, but I do know I would LOVE to be like Paul ONE DAY! Not there yet!

    But thank you so much for this site, because for 17 years of marriage struggling with thinking sex and sexual explicit acts in my own marriage with the man of my life were “bad.” But Satan loves to take down Christians in any way he can, mostly battling us in our own minds.

    Many “Christians” think that because Jesus has our back we can sit back and just let Jesus fight Satan. But like you mentioned above, there is praying, fasting, God’s word, obedience to fight our enemy who seeks to destroy us and our testimony!

    Bless you for your strength in the Lord Jesus and praise God for opening this web site to help many women who struggled in having a “great” sex life. But Praise God for helping us women of God fight the enemy together to improve the passion in the Christian marriages! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this site!

  2. Great thoughts Spicynutmeg. Thanks for your perception of things.

    Satan has power over us only if we let him enter in our every day life. If our hearts are full of good things and thoughts there is no room for the Adversary to come in. He does not know our thoughts but he sure can see the consequences of them by the way we act. If we do not try our best to keep the commandments of God, he will put a wedge between us and God. Slowly but surely he will fill our hearts with bad things (selfishness, addictions… just to name two of them) until there is no room for the Lord to come in. The darkness replaces the light. On the opposite, when we let the Lord to come in our life, our dependance upon Him will free us and that light will go brighter and brighter until Satan is not able to conquer us since he hates the light. Dependance upon Satan gives us darkness and as a result, we are bound by the chains of hell. Instead, dependance upon the Lord, liberates us from these chains and makes us free from the things of the world. “And you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free” (John 8:32). This is one of the beauty of the Gospel: happiness comes when we follow the words Christ even in the midst of great sufferance (if this is the case, He will be able to comfort us as He is the only one who knows the intent of our heart)

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