Weekly poll #117: What kind of music puts you in the mood?

If there are any I forgot or you would like me to add one to the poll, put it in the comment box and I will add it to the poll…..choose as many as you like!  🙂


  1. I like soft rock, contempory or christian, current or from high school

  2. Chris Botti has some nice jazz music to put us in the mood.

  3. Big Band/Swing – especially Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, others from that era, or Michael Buble rendition of said music. They really knew how to be romantic!

  4. My husband plays Indian, African and Brazilian percussion. Those drumming hands put me in the mood for sure 🙂 But when we want recorded music playing we’ll often put on Aradhna . They’re an Indian worship band. Another one of our friends writes Indian/blues; that stuff’s a sexy mix.

  5. Any contemporary jazz saxophone – they don’t call him “Kenny G-spot” for nothing!

  6. I am not bound to one particular genre. However, music is a biggie for me. I have recently discovered Jane Monheit and Michael Buble’ (I didn’t know them before Pandora). I personally love “sway”, no matter who does it. Meglio Stasera, Sway, Assassins Tango, September song, Nobody Does it better, Baby ain’t i good to you and Mirotic are just a sample of the music that turns me into putty. If I had to limit to one style, it would be latin. So sensual and passionate. But even then, not all of it does something for me. I go on a song by song basis.

  7. Rock ‘n roll when I’m in the mood for fun; Classical music when I’m thinking more romantic.

  8. I’m with you. Swing, old blues & old jazz. Fast or slow, that music is powerful.

  9. Hip hop will totally get me going – I mean it just has that perfect beat. But a saxaphone (jazz) can really light my fire as well.

  10. Music doesn’t really effect me sexually. We have done it to music a few times but it was more of a fun thing not to set the mood. Not sure if hubby wishes we used music more.

  11. Big Band/Swing and music from our wedding reception.

  12. R and B. Recently re-discovered A couple of old favorites: So amazing (Luther Vandross); Hold me in your arms tonight (Whitney Houston and Teddy Pendergrass); In my time (Teddy P)….the list is inexhaustible actually lol!

  13. Did I add Peabo Bryson’s ‘Tonight I celebrate my love” or “By the time this night is over”. Just gotta love the 80’s

  14. Anything from when we were first dating. Mostly Death Cab for Cutie songs or some Tim McGraw love songs. He made a mix for me that we listened to the day he proposed…whenever I listen to it I want nothing but him!

  15. Romantic love songs puts me in the mood, Sting “Feilds of Gold”, Madonna “La Isle Bonita” etc.

  16. Motown!!!!!!!!

  17. Anyone know of any good dancing songs, like strip tease dancing songs?

  18. Techno music works good for us!

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