Toy Review: Insignia by Lelo

I did a previous review on the Iris by Lelo and spoke very well of it. Lelo contacted us to extend the offer of a toy from their new line,Insignia. I chose the Isla in black to review for our blog. (Disclaimer: I did not receive any money to do this review and all comments are my truthful impression of the product.)

As I said in my previous review of a Lelo toy, I really appreciate high quality toys. I have purchased toys in the past that smelled horrible when I opened the packaging and were filled with phthalates. I have significant concerns about the health of these products, but in the end those toys also didn’t last well and I could tell they were cheaply made. So the bottom line for me is that I would rather have fewer toys that were expensive than a drawer full of cheap ones.

Here is the description of the Isla, taken from the Lelo website:

Isla is a sublimely-crafted mid-size vibrator as pleasurable to touch as she is striking to behold. Her flowing silhouette is contoured to the female form with functions to match, always ensuring the most deeply satisfying sensations. Isla is made with body-safe silicone and an ABS core, providing for a fully-waterproof body and the signature 3-button interface that gives complete control through her 6 vibration modes. Fully-rechargeable for up to 4 hours of pleasure, Isla arrives in LELO’s award-winning packaging complete with charger, satin storage pouch, INSIGNIA brooch and a full 1-year warranty.

My personal favourite advantages of this toy are that it has a very quite vibration, it is of high quality being made from FDA approved silicone and metallic coated ABS, and it feels amazingly soft. I would recommend this toy to anyone and if you like the toy, but not the price point, look around online. There are many distributors who will sell it at a fraction of the MRSP shown on the Lelo site.

So my CN pepper rating for this toy is 4.5 and the only reason it isn’t a 5 is because of the price point, but in all other aspects, if you and your husband use vibrators in your love making or you are given the freedom from your husband to use them on your own, I believe most women would enjoy using the Isla from the Insignia line of toys.


  1. I love Lelo :). I have their Nea, which is small, quiet, yet packs a punch. It’s true that their prices are a bit high, but sometimes Covenant Spice will sell them at a lower rate. Or (if you’re comfortable with the idea) you can find them on eBay or

  2. Before I looked at what it actually was, from the description the website gave it sounded more like a female substitute or blow up doll (for lack of a better description). I know that this website would never endorse anything that took away from the spouse, but the description was odd. I am glad that this site gives an unbiased look at products for us to consider. Better to have imput that is trusted than to shell out $$$ for something that you have no idea what the quality or performance is.

  3. Lelo makes beautifully crafted toys but if you like more power you may be disappointed.

  4. Depends on the individual for sure. If you want small, discreet, and powerful, Intimate Expressions makes a nice selection of mini vibes. I attended one of their parties and those babies are pretty intense.

  5. How are sex toys biblical? In leviticus it talks about some sex boundries and it lists not to have sex with inatimate objects, I believe it lists a log or a stick but they of course didnt have our technology back then….where do we draw the line??

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