Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I know that my husband really doesn’t like it when I wear __________, but sometimes I wear it/them anyway.



  1. Makeup. And its not sometimes, its everyday 😦

  2. Sweats and thick socks….. but when the wind is blowing and it is REALLY cold outside, I am wearing them….. TO BED!!! 😉

  3. There is nothing that I wear that my husband has a problem with. We’re both very down-to-earth, laid-back people and our focus has never been on clothes. When we got together, he was still wearing deacade-old ratty t-shirts and dirty sneakers–which was fine but now he says he feels a lot better about his wardrobe since I’ve been picking out and buying his clothes–he likes my guidance in this area. So as far as he’s concerned, my wardrobe is really great! I asked him again and he said, “I can’t think of anything.” I feel really blessed.

  4. Bras lol, he’s always trying to get me to go without them in public. I don’t understand this because I would think that he would want then all to himself and not for others to see. I have asked him several times, he tells me he just wants to be able to “see” but everyone else can aswell. It’s not an often thing either. To me it makes me uncomfortable. And I thInk the fact that others can see too excites him, but not me, I cover whenever someones near lol.

  5. Clothes? LOL

    That’s actually kind of true. 😛 Most of what I own now is not stuff he really likes. After having two babies to close together my wardrobe is in a very sad state.

  6. Sporty-looking boycut briefs.

  7. Polka dots. He hates them. I LOVE them. I’m just sure not to wear them on date nights. 🙂

  8. My cotton granny panties. He went out and bought me some silky Vanity Fair ones instead that at least make the granny panty sexy.

  9. This might sound crazy, but DH does not like it when I go to bed naked! He likes me being naked everywhere else, just not when we’re going to sleep 🙂
    I, on the other hand, sleep better naked, so we compromise and trade off nights 🙂

  10. Actually, he doesn’t mind so much. So far I’ve not worn one thing that he doesn’t say outright that he doesn’t like.

  11. anything with skulls :p i’m a litttttle bit of a punk, and i like the cutesy looking skulls sometimes. but he does not like them at all :p

  12. lipgloss. He likes how it looks but not how it feels when we kiss.

  13. I can’t think of anything I wear that he doesn’t like. I usually dress pretty classy (cute tops, jewelry, heels, etc) and I think he likes I don’t look sloppy. I wear VS panties and bras, even a thong sometimes just for fun.

    The only thing I remember him not liking was back when wind-suits were in style. He told me he couldn’t talk to me because my pants were too loud! 🙂 **swish, swish, swish**

  14. Oh yeah! Good answer! Lip gloss, definitely.

  15. Make up, but he has gotten use to it.

  16. I have a few empire waist, knit tunic dresses that are admittedly a little trekkie. I love wearing them with leggings. He thinks they look ridiculous.

  17. Hubby loves thongs and is slightly disappointed of he *discovers* im wearing normal underwear…only exception is nothing at all 🙂 small sacrifice for how he reacts when I wear what he likes

  18. Thongs. He thinks they are ugly and freaky. “butt floss,” he says. I like them with certain things though.

  19. Really? My husband once asked why I DON’T wear ’em. Current reason is I’m overweight and don’t feel confident in anything beyond a sexy bikini brief or boy short in a bold color.

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