Exercise Arousal

Okay, so is it just me here, or do any of you ever become aroused during exercise?  It doesn’t happen every single time I work out, but it has happened often enough now that I mentioned it to my friends and decided to write about it here.  I have found two primary ways of exercise that tend to arouse me from time to time.

The first would be running.  Sounds crazy, huh?  I don’t generally experience arousal on the treadmill, although it has happened once.  But running outdoors tends to be when it happens most often for me.  It’s generally during the first mile or two and then subsides with each additional mile.  I mean, for me I’m lucky if I’m still able to breathe properly and form a complete sentence after a few miles, so feeling all tingly down in those parts really isn’t something that I experience when I run longer distances.  I wear compression shorts under my running shorts sometimes, but not always.  I’m not sure if that matters or not.  There is just something about the initial stages of running that tend to set off little sparks and I find myself laughing at how utterly absurd it sounds to be aroused while running!

The other type of exercise that has a tendency to arouse me is using the ab-crunch machine at the gym.  The first time it happened I was shocked.  I remember smiling and thinking “For real?”  😆   The next time it happened on the same machine I came home and told my husband about it and he found it interesting.  This kind of makes sense to me though, because on that machine you have to use your lower abdominal muscles to help lift a set amount of weight while you are doing a crunch…and in the process of trying to use those lower abs, you also end up tightening up your pelvic floor muscles (or at least *I* do!)  Those are the same muscles that I use when I’m actively trying to achieve orgasm.  So to me it makes sense that if I’m using those muscles, I experience a little arousal.  Only once have I come close to having an orgasm at the gym.   After that I started doing extra sets on the ab-crunch machine… you know, because I really need help in my mid-section and all  😉

So there you go… the two types of exercise that sometimes leave me feeling funny.  Usually it passes though, the harder I work/run.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  If so, what types of exercise or exercise equipment have affected you?


  1. It happens to me. I guess it because of getting the circulation going.

  2. Spinning class makes me smile 🙂

  3. I have not experienced exercise arousal per se, but I do experience arousal when I ride my bike. The constant rubbing of my crotch against the bike seat really gets me going and I usually have an orgasm. Sure makes exercising fun. LOL

  4. Its called a ‘Coregasm.’ enjoy the read 😉

  5. Interesting. I find bike riding does the opposite to me– makes me just a bit sore in that area, and my mind is far away from sex at that moment.

    Then again, last time I went bike riding was before I got married, so I wonder if that could change? Is it possible?

  6. Maybe I should take up exercising…

  7. I notice when i’m at my highest point of ovulation, bending over keeping my legs straight triggers a heightened arousal for me.
    As for excercise…what’s that? lol…no really I can’t say i’ve experienced an orgasm during excercise but if I did then i’m sure i’d be excercising a whole lot more with my husbands help.
    One day he offered to help me with a workout on our new gym equipment, little did he know he would be seeing me work out in my very feminine lace bra and underwear. Needless to say it was very…um….vigorously stimulating ((grins))

  8. I’m not an exerciser, but I get aroused when I lay out in the sun. I usually wear shorts and a tank top or cami, so I’m not *terribly* exposed, but something about laying out makes me want to come in and masturbate. Anybody else have that?

  9. I wouldn’t say being out in the sun gives me the same desire although here in Australia when we have the occasional Indian summer day it triggers a heightened sexual desire in me.
    My clitoris reacts very quickly to heat so maybe I should be giving the sunny outdoors a try preferably without getting heatstroke lol.

  10. I exercise often and frequently become aroused during my workouts. I have experienced orgasms only on the hamstring machine where you lie on your belly and curl your legs up. I mostly become aroused while riding my bike and during ballet workouts. Exercise is so beneficial, but it’s even better when it turns you on!

  11. Dancing gets me going.

    I also agree with being out in the sun. Any excercise outside can arouse me at times.

    Rowing has though I do not do it often.

    Pole dancing is the most intense!

  12. I have to admit, wrapping my legs around a bench can get me a bit aroused at times as I am pulling on the cables. I love working out with my husband standing over me spotting. Pretty hot.

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