Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


One thing that is a huge stressor in my life right now is _________. Today I will give that burden over to God.



  1. The fact that they will be laying off 15% of my companies work force today and I don’t know where I stand. God has always provided and I have faith He always will.

  2. Money.

  3. …not knowing how to plan my day so that everything gets done and no one is short-changed on Mommy Time (and so that I can actually eat more than my kids’ leftovers for lunch, and get a full 8 hours of sleep).

  4. lack of job, my weight

  5. ………my evil sister.

  6. getting the house ready for sale, buyinh a second house, preparing for eldest daughters wedding a premarital council for her and future son in law.

  7. Paying rent. (My husband is commission paid.) And thank you Lord, that you do it every month. It’s still a little stressful.

  8. One thing that is a huge stressor in my life right now is my 16 year old son.

  9. Haha this one begs an explanation

  10. … we are trying to get things ready to move, newborn baby, and my husband and i havent been able to know each other in over two months! (really missing him!)

  11. my health and what it means for my future financial means

  12. …where to start! There’s a whole bunch right now. My DH is losing his job in 10 days; the money is already tighter than tight; he hasn’t wanted to be intimate with me in over 6 months and claims it’s a “medical reason” (but won’t get it checked out); he lives in his office and won’t come out to have any sort of relationship (we’ve done Love & Respect, was glad to read more info here about it, too!); Christmas is coming, Thanksgiving is coming faster, and…and..and!

  13. That’s a prayer for me, as well. It’s stressful when the money comes in so slowly to the point where it is literally a matter of hours before you must find out whether you will still have a home to live in. We haven’t been made homeless yet, praise the Lord, but some days it’s still bad on my heart.

  14. And, in order to lift spirits a little, I’d like to add to the sentence with another sentence: Though sometimes we lack some of the things we need, God gave me my husband, whom I am forever grateful for. If we ever become homeless, we know we won’t be alone when it happens. I would still prefer to have him and nothing, then to have everything I want but not my “precious gift from God” by my side.

  15. I hear you there! Have a 16 yo myself. Somedays are great other days you just wonder how everything is going to work out. Thank heaven we have prayer.

  16. I’m sorry to hear that. It can be very hard on our DH when there are job troubles. My DH and I have been going through job struggles for 2+ years now. God has been faithful. We haven’t missed a bill although we have definitely cut backl It has actually brought our marriage closer through it. I will keep you in my prayers that he will open up to you and not feel like he needs to hold it all in.

  17. My daughter, she grew up watching my DH’s porn addiction and my angry reactions towards him. DH and I are now moving forward but she left her Faith behind and slept with many guys over a short periodof time (she viewed herself as cheap and nasty and believed what her dad was viewing was all females were good for, prostitution was on the close horizon for her).
    DH spoke with her last night (she’s in a rehab for her emotional turmoil but in now planning to leave)and she (at 18 yrs old) is now undergoing HIV testing. I love her so deeply but right now I can’t speak with her, it’s too much for me to cope with. For the first time in my life I regret becoming pregnant with her, not because of the grief she’s inflicting but because I feel like through my own poor choices I have exposed her to a life of pain.
    Yesterday my husband and I were all smiles and lovemaking but today I feel like i’ve been hit by a train.

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