Chapter 11: Lord, Bless Me in the Work I Do

Chapter 11 has really struck me with a very real truth.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

While I was growing up, my Dad had a job he loved.   Until it was bought out by another company.  Instead of letting him go, the company started making him miserable.  I think there were some days he went to work and he had nothing to do for 8 hours a day.   He became very bored, very angry, and eventually they got their wish…he quit.   But before he left that job, we knew to leave Dad alone for 30 minutes to an hour after he got home.    He was miserable.   He stayed at the job because he needed to provide for his family.  He had a wife and three kids that depended on him.   The burden of the world was on his shoulders.   I don’t know if my Dad really ever had a job that he really enjoyed after that.  Maybe it was just work to him and a paycheck.

When DH and I married, we both decided that we learned something from our fathers… our work was not going to be that…it’s wasn’t going to be work.  We were going to really enjoy our work, even if we were dirt poor, living from paycheck to paycheck, we didn’t want to work at any job just to earn a paycheck.  We were both private music teachers…self employed, no insurance, but we were in love with each other, our jobs, life.   We were tested by our families…especially when I became pregnant with our son 5 months after our wedding.   “You should get a real job” … “You need to get a job with insurance”… “When ARE you going to get a real job?” … But we stood firm with our belief that we wanted to come home at the end of the day, and our son would enjoy two HAPPY parents who loved coming home after a long day to him.

Now about the real truth.   In May of 2005, I taught music lessons for one high school and it’s feeder schools…and at the end of that school year in May, they decided to let go ALL of their private trumpet staff…which included me.   Over the summer, I tried contacting other schools to see if they needed a trumpet teacher, but I couldn’t get a single bite.   So knowing that we needed a second income, I went to a friend that was the director of a child care center.   I asked if they needed any help.  I started out subbing for her, but eventually that September, I was hired on part time…. which later became full time…. which later became an afternoon supervisor…. which eventually I became the director of the center.   And I love my job.

You see, the realization I came to was that God has a season for everything.  He knows who needs to be where at what time to make things come together perfectly to His glory.  I had a vision as a child.  When I grew up, I wanted to have 50 children.  Yeah, seems really crazy, right…but it came true.  When I stepped into the office that used to be my friend’s office and realized that the sign on the door … Director… that was ME…and at that time, the center had 50 children enrolled…. and I loved everyone of them like they were my own.  I have now been Director of this child care center now for a little over 3 years.   It’s has grown to 66 children at this writing.  I love every one of them.  I love my staff.  I love the families.  I love my supervisors.   I feel that I am EXACTLY where God wants me at this point in my life.

Stormie is right.   God has given everyone a job, whether you are a SAHM or you work outside of the home.  Whether you volunteer or get paid for what you do.   Whatever work you do, do it well to the best of your ability.  One of my teachers came up to me the other day and told me that she has worked at several different child care centers in her life.   She loves mine the best.  She loves working for me.  She loves that everyone loves her.   I am sad that I am going to lose her at the end of December….but she is a pastor’s wife and she has work to do.   I told her when we talked once that I couldn’t help but treat everyone, staff and families, like they were Jesus.  At any point, any person that I come in contact with, could be the Savior.  Like in Genesis 18 when the Lord visited Abram.  Abram saw three visitors.   At any time, anyone who walks into my life could be the Lord, and I rejoice in treating them as I would treat my Savior, if he were to appear.   There is no other way to treat others, is there?

“No matter what your paycheck reflects, your work is important to God, it’s important to others, and it’s important to you.”  Amen to that.   Amen.

What did you glean from this chapter?  What stories do you have to tell about revelations you have had in this chapter?  I need to email my Dad…..

(PS… I am writing this during one of my “worship” times with youtube!  It’s so easy to write that way!!)

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It’s All About Thanksgiving!

It always amazes me how thankfulness impacts my attitude. It helps me shift my head space when I am overwhelmed with negative things that could be distracting me from remembering my blessings and the provision of God in my life.

So I wanted to take some time to join together and celebrate in thankfulness the gift that our husbands are to us. My husband is a hardworking man who can fix pretty much everything around our house and if he doesn’t already know how to fix it, he has the ability to learn how to. He is firm in his pursuit of godly character and seeks to release the presence of God wherever he goes. Despite his faults, he allows God to use the circumstances in his life to teach him how to be a better man. He is far from perfect, but he is perfect for me. I am thankful that he is in my life.

If you are in a truly difficult marriage and seeing your husband as something to be thankful for is too hard at this time, then reframe this and seek to find thankfulness in how the Lord has worked his love and care for you into your situation.

Colossians 3:15

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

Weekly poll #122: What advice would you give/did you give your daughter on her wedding day about sex?

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Chapter 10: Lord, Prepare Me to Be a True Worshiper

This is my favorite chapter in this whole book so far!  I LOVE to worship!  All of my Facebook friends have to endure my worship on my page… I go to youtube when the Spirit moves me and I type in one of my favorite Christian Contemporary groups/singers.   It could be Chris Tomlin… Paul Baloche…. 10th Avenue North… Hillsong…. Mercy Me…. I pick one of their songs…and of course, as I am listening to it, there in the right sidebar is a listing of MORE songs that I love!  So I link the one I am listening to on my Facebook page, and I am off!

Music is my way to worship.   Being a musician myself, not only does the music move me, I love listening to the words.   I hear God speaking to me, reminding me of things that I have forgotten.  When I am awakened at night by a bad dream, I start singing praise songs in my head to calm me down.   When I am at work feeling especially stressed out about something, I open a window on my computer and start Pandora on a Christian contemporary page.   It has such a calming, soothing effect.  At work, I probably drive people nuts going around singing praise songs out of the blue.  But it’s my way to worship.   I love to worship with music.

I liked the comment Stormie made “When I praised and worshiped God, it was like being hooked up to a spiritual IV.”  – YES!  That is exactly how I feel.  Everything melts away… anxiety … GONE.  fear… GONE.  confusion … GONE.  worry … you got it!  GONE!

We have just recently started attending a new church.  One of the first things my husband and I noticed was that the worship leader chose songs….sometimes really old praise songs… but the congregation was singing it.  Not just singing… belting out songs.   “Heart of Worship” … have you ever heard 200 people singing it in a small worship center before the sermon?   We’ve been to churches where some people sing, but most just stand there… totally unmoved.   This new church … it’s invigorating to be among 200 people who are singing praises to the Lord corporately.   It’s really moving.

So, I will leave you with one of my favorite songs that I start one of my Facebook “worship services” with.   It always reminds me that God is so much bigger than me, and I am so small … I am so unworthy, but he believes I am so worth it.   It is so overwhelming to realize at what great lengths God will go for me.   I am blessed.

Hope this takes you on a “Facebook worship session”… or just hang out on youtube and listen.  🙂

Who Am I

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Small Changes

I’ve noticed something recently, and wanted to know if any of you had any thoughts on this issue as well.  Sometimes I seem to get stuck in a rut so to speak.  I get used to my routine so much so that I could almost go through my entire day blindfolded.  I know what needs to be done at what time and how it needs to get done.  I also fall into a rut with myself too.  I get up, get dressed, fix hair & makeup in the same way I did the day before, and head off to conquer the world.  Very monotonous.  Can any of you relate so far?

Well, I found out something interesting recently that was a bit of a pleasant surprise.  If I make small changes to myself from time to time, it can affect my mood and overall attitude.  For instance, I decided to get a new hair cut.  I was tired of the same look, so I made myself an appointment and went and did it.  It wasn’t a drastic change, but it was different, and I felt wonderful afterward!  That 4″ that was cut off really made a difference to me.  My head was lighter and I felt my mood lighten too!

Another thing I tried recently is painting my toenails and fingernails.  I am not really a ‘girly-girl’ so this isn’t something that I do often.  I thought about it and decided to go with the color BLUE.  Why not?  Who says I have to conform to the norm and pick a pinkish-reddish shade?  After sporting my blue fingers and toes, I realized that I seemed to be smiling more.  It was as if I had lightened my mood a bit just by adding color to my nails.

I can think of other “small changes” that have also affected my mood… new/different purse, new/different earrings, loss of 5 lbs, new hair color/highlights, and even a new bra!  I think that sometimes I get into too much of a rut.  Now that I know making a small change here and there definitely has a positive influence on my overall attitude, I’m going to try to make small changes more often.  Maybe it just gives me a little ‘boost’ in my self confidence?

So what about you?  What small changes have you made that resulted in a higher self-esteem or more positive outlook?

Weekly poll #121: How did you meet your DH?

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Chapter 9: Lord, Instruct Me as I Put My Life in Right Order

“We can’t live successfully without right priorities in our lives.”   As I read this chapter, I was enlightened to the truth in this statement.   God enlightened me that I have not been following HIS top two priorities… especially #1…. to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.    Oh, of course I love the Lord, but my relationship hasn’t been my top priority.  Life, and getting through each day has been my priority.  I’ve been trying to do things through MY own strength, and it fails me miserably.  Each day, I wake up thinking about what I need to do, all I need to accomplish…but never do I thank the Lord for the new day nor do I ask him to help guide me through the day.  To lead me down the right path that day and to help guide my decisions and all I do.   I forget that every day and Satan is so very pleased by it. “When you seek Him first every day and ask Him to help you put your life in order, He will do that.”  Lord, please help me to remember this as I start my day on Monday. My life is ruling me, and I need the Lord to rule over me.

Okay, I loved the section on submission.   As soon as I saw that word, I thought of my MIL.   You would think the word submission meant slavery.    No matter how much you try, you could never convince her that submission is a choice you make…something you decide to do, not something you are forced to do.  As I think of it, if Jesus can submit to the Father, then I can submit myself to him.   It’s the LEAST I can do considering the sacrifice he made for me.   I try my best to submit to my husband.  I am not the greatest at it, I am sure, but it is really important to me to do my best.  My family is in an interesting situation regarding the new church we attend, so I have a lot of thinking, investigating and praying to do about the section on submission to church authority.   You see, the church we have just begun attending is elder driven….there is no pastor per say, but an elder board that leads the church.   I was talking to my DH today about that and had him read the section in this book about it.   We are going to be asking questions about how do you submit to a church with no one lead figure, but 8 active elders.

So, what are your thoughts?  How much order (or disorder) is your life in?  What can (have) you done to fix it?

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