Weekly poll #119: What is your favorite book of the Bible?

post your answer in the comment section.


  1. James

  2. It varies but at the moment it is John’s Gospel because I love the things that Jesus says.

  3. Ruth, Esther, Song of Solomon

  4. James and Esther

  5. Psalms

  6. psalms and romans

  7. Proverbs

  8. Daniel and the Psalms

  9. Me, too!

  10. Galatians

  11. Esther. I also love the 4 gospel books and the letters of st. Paul

  12. Esther or Psalms

  13. Philipians

  14. psalms

  15. Luke, because he was a doctor he goes into detail on somethings more than the other books.

  16. Ditto, ditto, and ditto. XD

  17. Song of Solomon; Book of Revelation


  19. Psalms

  20. The “Sermon on the Mount” in Matthiew chapter 5,6, and 7

  21. Romans! It’s like the whole Bible wrapped up in one book!

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