Sex and Health Benefits!

Anytime I go to login to my email account, I always check out the yahoo articles to see what is new and interesting.  I happened on this article about 7 health benefits of sexual intercourse.    So besides being an intimate bonding time with your spouse, you are getting some wonderful health benefits, too!  Here are some of the health benefits:

1.  Sex = exercise: your burning calories!

2. Sex keeps you looking younger: I would want to see more proof on this one, but if it is true, ladies, could this be our fountain of youth?

3. It’s good for your heart: wanna lower your blood pressure?  want a better chance of not having a heart attack?  sex can help!

4. Sex boosts immunity: immunoglobin A is produced more often which helps your immune system. It would be interesting to see if I get less colds and sinus infections, since immunoglobin a (igA) works with your nose, eyes, ears, digestive tract and vagina to protect those areas from outside foreign substances.

5. It can cure the common headache….kind of: Intimacy and bonding helps you to relax, and oxytocin is released during sex which helps decrease pain.

6. Sex gets the blood pumping: sex increases blood flow which gets oxygen molecules moving through out your body and you feel better.

7. Sex helps you sleep better: oxytocin not only can help decrease pain and increase endorphins, but it relaxes you so you can sleep better.

Do you think any of these hold water?  I think these can offer some of these benefits, but I am not trying it out on my next sinus headache to see if it works!  🙂  What other benefits do you think sex has on your physical health?


  1. My husband and i started having sex at least 4 times a week several years ago and it balanced out my hormones and my monthly cycle! I’ve been having problems with my blood pressure recently and i have to check it several times a day. We’ve noticed that sex really does lower my bp! I now joke with him that he needs to help me get off the meds by being ‘available’ for me anytime it goes up : )

  2. I do believe that regular sex between a husband and wife is great for health. I also believe that maintaining good health is great for our sex lives! Work on your sex, work on your health – it’s a win-win situation. One health-related thing that really helps me sexually is regular exercise. It just has so many great benefits – gives me more energy, helps me control my weight, reduces the number of minor illnesses (colds, etc.). I would encourage every woman to add some exercise (walking is great) to her daily routine.

  3. Definitely, I sleep better on a night where we’ve had sex.

  4. A part from the regular bonding experience with your loved one, it is the best natural anti-depressant and it relieves stress.

  5. Sex makes me happier, therefore makes me less worried/stressed, which therefore helps prevent me from getting my all too common symptoms of stress. Canker Sores, Cold Sores, Acne, Styes…=) So sex with my love bug makes me prettier. lol

  6. My husband and I have sex every night barring one of us is sick–which is rare. It is just assumed in our marriage that we will make love every night, because we enjoy each other physically and have unbelievable chemistry. I am a licensed therapist, so the stress of my job is managed largely due to my self-care…and the biggest aspect of my self-care is hot, passionate sex with my husband. I definitely am healthier, clearer, calmer, and more well-adjusted because we have sex daily (sometimes multiple times a day). 😉

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