Weekly poll #121: How did you meet your DH?

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  1. This is really cliche, but dh and I met at a party at a friend’s apt.

  2. I met him in high school- He was a senior and I was a sophmore. we were married a year after I graduated and have been married for 25 years with three wonderful sons. They are 20 .18, 16 years old now. My dh is the love of my life and were get closer every passing year. Thankyou Lord Jesus for blessing me with this man.

  3. I met my husband on my first day working at Home Depot. He had already been working there for a couple years. I checked in with my manager and a girl in the break room introduced herself. I later found out that after meeting me, she ran to the front where my now DH was to tell him that “there is this really hot girl you have to go meet!” During my training he came up and said hello. I was hesitant to start dating him since I had just gotten out of a bad relationship but 3 months later God spoke to me saying that if I keep pushing him away then he may stay away and I will lose my chance. He told me that this man was the one that He had sent to me. The answer to my prayers. I finally agreed to lunch. Within 6 months we were engaged and a year later we were married.

  4. We met & got to know each other through our college choir. I was a Music Major & he a music minor — he was 1 of the few who came over to get to know the new transfer. Our lunch and dinner schedules in the cafeteria also coincided so we saw a lot of each other throughout the semester. Funny thing is, we fought quite often during those first few months and frequently were not on speaking terms. I’m fairly certain our friends thought we were nuts when we started dating. But that friction stemmed more from sexual tension & fighting God’s direction, so once we said “Yes, Lord” the tension all but ceased. And the rest, as they say, is history.

  5. He caught me looking at him at church. I was a 19 year old virgin christian nympho. Got married a year later ;))

  6. 7th grade…we were best friends until our senior year, then we realized we were meant to be married. We were engaged a week after graduation, went off to Bible college and were married at 19.

  7. We met it college. There’s a lot more detail that I’d rather not share ’cause it’s special, but that’s it in a nutshell :).

  8. met my husband in high school 🙂 he literally prayed for me and fifteen minutes later i showed up (he told me after).


  9. I thought about writing the story of how we met, but after seeing how long it was, I decided to give the short version. Our local roller rink had Christian night on Tuesdays and it was there I was introduced to my dh by a friend of mine, who happened to be his girlfriend at the time. I didn’t express any interest in him until after they broke up and he asked me out.

  10. I moved out of my house when I was 16 having been through many bad relationships…yes, even at 16. I finished high school and shortly after I became Christian. I dedicated a year to God so that I could get to know him more. I didn’t know anything about God so this was a nice opportunity to get to know him. I got saved through a website called ‘hotornot.com’. I was praying for a few things in husband in that year and at the end of the year I met a guy on the same website who was a Christian and him and I hit it off. Now…I live with his family in Australia. We were together for 6 years and then decided to get married 1 year ago 😀 The best thing that has ever happened to me!

  11. McDonalds ((Grins))…DH and I new eachother from highschool, found out we both shared the same birthday (Day/month/year he born in Australia and I in New Zealand), I felt like he was too nice so I ended the 1 month relationship. We bumped into eachother 3 times over 11 years (by this time I was a single mum). Then one day I was with a christian couple and their children at Mc Donalds, DH pulled up in the car park with his best friend, I looked for an excuse to go say hello to him so I took their children (I think about 5 at the time) and my daughter to the restroom. O.K. Waiting for 6 children to go pottie took longer than DH and his friend to order and walk out the door to the car so by this time I was feeling a bit anxious about not getting to catch up lol.
    In the end I said, o.k. Lord if you want him to notice me before he leaves the car park then your will be done. Next thing I knew his friend slammed on the car breaks and DH ran up to me and gave me a big hug, we looked over and saw 9 pairs of wide eyes looking at us lol. Introductions were made, 10 months later we were married.

  12. Okcupid.com. According to the site we were each other’s highest matches. We met for drinks on our first date and stayed out until 6 am talking.

  13. He was 11, I was 14. His family attended the church my dad pastored. We were buddies. He moved away in 7th grade to live with his grandparents. I didn’t see him again until his Jr yr in high school. Wow! We became instant friends again until one day he brought me flowers, we went out with friends later & he got jealous when we played truth or dare & I admitted I had been kissed once.I realized it was more. We dated and the summer of his sr yr he told me he loved me and that we would be married in 1993. I laughed at that thought but told him I loved him too. We were married March of 1993 & have 3 children. God has blessed us bountifully!

  14. My beloved and I met at church – I had just become a Christian and thought “what a boring life” are these all the “men” out there then as soon as I saw him – I knew – been married for 20 years this year.

  15. At work, I had worked as a field admin. Office and had the best job in the world working with a crew of men and would dispatch them out on their jobs. They would call in after completing their job for the next assignment. My husband was an arrogant jerk, so I would put him on hold when he’d call in from the field, which really got him angry with me. My girlfriend said he just broken up with his fiancé and I with my boyfriend and we should meet. He came up to the office and came up to my desk and said “you should have your hold button removed from your phone” we were instantly attracted to each other. He afterwards asked my friend if I would considered going out, and been married for 30 years!

  16. I Always thought that people who met “strangers on the internet” were losers. God has a sense of humor.
    Randomly ended up clicking on something that led me to a Christian dating website.
    decided to join just for a laugh.
    Got much more than that!
    My Texas guy drove 2000 miles on 4 hours sleep up to Oregon to marry me, 3 1/2 months after we met online.
    God made this happen at the right time.
    (It was definetly HIM, because I NEVER would have done this on my own!)
    We married on the 4th of July, 2011 (which is also my birthday!)
    I was proudly a 27 year-old virgin on that day.

  17. Not exactly a romantic story – but we met on a Christian dating website :). We both had one bad experience before we met each other…but we fit perfectly!

  18. We met in a barn, I was staying with a good friend house overnight during highschool and her older sister arrived with her husband and some of their friends. One of them was my DH who I couldn’t stop taking about the next day to my friend. So we took a ride to her sisters town and I met my man, he didn’t even remember me from the night before:( But did ask me to go to a dance with him in a few weeks and we have been together since. We dated 4 years and now married 21 years. An thanks to this site are more intimate that we ever have been:)

  19. I met my husband when I was 16. We went on a mission trip together. We spent a lot of time together preparing for the trip and I fell in love. I knew at that point he was the man I was going to marry…. That was until he broke my heart.

    Several years (and a couple of abusive relationships) passed. We spoke a handful of times, but my heart still ached.

    November 2005 I had a dream about him. The next day I got an IM from him. We met for coffee a couple of days later. After we met for coffee, we kept spending time together. I told my boyfriend’s mom. (I had been in a dead end relationship for 5 years. We knew it wasn’t going anywhere, but we didn’t want to be alone. We are still good friends.) She was convinced that Stephen an I were meant to be together. She told me that once and for all I needed to end things with her son and be with the man God chose for me. That’s exactly what I did! Our first date was 1/5/2006, he proposed 1/25/2006, and we were married 3/16/2006. I guess he just needed time to figure it out for himself. My ex’s mom (and my very dear friend) still loves to tell my DH how he has her to thank for marrying me.

  20. We met while snowboarding with a group of mutual friends. Didn’t say much to each other that first time, but went snowboarding two more times in smaller groups. He “stole” my number from our mutual friend and started calling me to talk. I was interested in someone else at the time and kept telling my dh this so that he wouldn’t get hurt. Turns out he didn’t care and was going to try his hardest to win my affection…and he did (with a little Sovereign help from Providence) 🙂 He was my first date, my first kiss and my first and only dh.

  21. Met him when I was 12 going on 13 on a bus to a annual Christian youth conference in san diego.

  22. We met in our church band. He liked my butt and the rest is history. Been married over 25 years.

  23. I’d been living overseas teaching in a missionary kid school. My sister was friends with my now DH and told him that I was soon moving home. He was very interested in meeting me, but my sister didn’t bother telling me anything about him! The first Sunday I was back, we were both at our church and I noticed his handsome mop of curly hair from across the sanctuary. After we started dating a month later we fell in love REALLY quickly and got engaged after 4 months. Now we’ve been married almost 2 years and are really really happy. 🙂

  24. {a dating website} it was amazing we emailed for 3 days straight and then exchanged phone numbers and everything was perfect he was perfect for me!

  25. Haha! Well…we met in prison, just over four years ago. =) He was 23 almost 24; I was 19 almost 20. I was a volunteer with a ministry; he was an inmate. We hit it off, began writing letters through the ministry [and trying to keep our interest in each other hidden]…and after about a year, I was removed from the ministry because of our closeness. We were then able to write freely, he told me how he felt…God said, “THIS IS HIM!”…and we’ve been together ever since. =) Getting married in about two and a half weeks…on the two-year anniversary of his release from prison.

  26. We met volunteering at summer Bible camp! I was 25, he was 25. Got married just short of 2 years later.

  27. We met at one of his tennis exhibitions.

    I was a player, he was a pro – I asked him to come speak to our church and we built a friendship from there, then fell in love and married,

  28. I grew up in a Christian home. I have considered myself a Christian for as long as I could remember. Early on in my life I was falling from my faith because of doubts. Doubts that stemmed from just not getting the Bible. From there it wasnt the doubts that tore me away from the faith I felt I once knew…I was getting into things I am not proud of. I was at the bottom of my pit, falling into deep depression. I prayed my most sincere prayer asking God to give me a friend that would help me out of this pit I was in. Well a week later I went to camp and a boy that I had seen at camp many times before asked me to be his accountability partner. Talk about answering prayers quick. From there God used him as a tool to encourage my faith. And well…2 years later we got married and get to be permanent friends forever! lawl

  29. we met at youth with a mission. we were both doing a discipleship training school. after getting to know each other a little, we realized that i had grown up with his sister – we were in the same girl scout troop as kids!

  30. On the school bus! I was an 8th grader and he was the only high schooler who would dare risk his rep by speaking to me. That was 14 years ago!

  31. One of my friends married one of his. While they were dating I kept hearing from my girl friend how this friend of her guy’s was perfect this me. I didn’t want to be set up with him…wanted a guy who would ask a girl out for himself ya know? Anyway at their wedding we met and flirted a bit but it was almost two years later that we started dating for real. We were working out at the same health club and he liked the way I looked from behind in my leotard and tights (it was the late 80s).

    Turns out my friend was right. He is perfect for me

  32. We met at a movie when my best friend was dating his best friend.

  33. My husband loves to tell this story: I was on a date with one of his friends, when we saw DH’s car. Pulled over, met him, ho hum. Later, my friend suggested we hang out with him. We started a contest of wits -verbal sparring, no malice- that still goes on today. He liked my mind. HE was the first guy I’d met who could keep up with me intellectually. 25 years later….. still the best ever!

  34. My husband was dating my college roommate! It was a little awkward.

  35. We met online through Marry Well – (BTW I totally recommend it, through Focus on the Family). He lived 3 states away and we started with e-mail, then text and phone, before he stated his clear intentions and asked to meet me in person. He flew out and it was amazing and I knew he was the one for sure then.

  36. My DH and I met at work. He was 18 almost 19. I was 21. We both knew the first time we saw each other that that was the person for us. God spoke loudly to both of us. God let my DH know I had issues we would have to deal with. We started dating a month after he turn 19 and were engaged a month later. We have been married for 19 years and together 22 years.

  37. We met at church and were aquaintances until I heard through the grapevine that he was seperated from his wife of 13 years. They were the “golden couple” of our church. Something in the back of my mind told me we would be togather. Roughly a year later we reconnected at the Easter Pagent and started hanging out. We were married a year later.

  38. We technically met in elementary school, but he is 2 years older so he was out of my sphere. We saw each other seldom for years.

    In high school I decided I wanted to marry a warrior poet. His church held a concert by a group called the Warrior Poets, so I raced over, only to discover they were a girl band! Well, he was in the audience and had a beard, which made him look completley different from the scrawny kid I used to know (little did I suspect that he thought I was cute too!!!)

    My first summer out of high school he was the intern for an organization I volunteered for. At a volunteer appreciation pool party, there was a guy I was NOT into, checking me out in my swimsuit, so I ditched the crowd with my sister and ended up hanging out with my future mate and his sister, as they were working the buffet table. The two of them together are insanely funny, so the four of us had a blast. He asked for my email and we’ve been hooked ever since (that was over eight years ago!)

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