Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


During sex, the one position that we always seem to go back to is __________.



  1. missionary

  2. modified “doggy style” (woman lying down). While it’s good it’s absolutely boring at this stage.

  3. Me on top, I like control! My husband likes to lay back and watch.

  4. Spooning. Me on my side with my legs together. DH behind me gently rocking. Can be so slow and sensual or hard and erotic!

  5. missionary…to be able to touch, and kiss and cling to each other…

  6. My favorite is my husband standing beside the bed with me laying on my back! This position just works the best for me and he doesn’t mind he likes what I like!!!

  7. missionary or doggy.

  8. …..hubby on top because of his bad back. I enjoy riding him anyway.

  9. cowgirl

  10. my on bottom, him on top, my legs over his shoulders!!

  11. Good old missionary with both of my knees bent or wrapped around him ;).

  12. Missionary or as was mention above modified doggy style.

  13. Me on top (seems to be the only way I can orgasm at this point in time) oh and his favourite, me on my back with him standing at the side of the bed with the backs of my legs straight up against his chest.

  14. 69… fun for both of us!!!

  15. missionary…or one of its many variations

  16. Missionary, because I feel ‘secure’ when my husband is on top of me. He likes me to bend my legs (instead of wrapping around his waist) for deeper penetration, or will put my legs over his shoulders.

  17. The Cowgirl position is definitively my best but we end up many times in missionnary as it is a special way of feeling the closeness of each other on the entire bodies, mouths included… :-X

  18. ditto

  19. MIssionary most times; in the middle of the night, it spoon time!

  20. My hubby and I love Cowgirl too because then he can play with my boobs at the same time. My husband also gets turned on when I play with my own boobs too while in this position (grabbing, squeezing, pulling nipples etc… this excites him a lot!). My hubby would like to try reverse Cowgirl but his erection doesn’t seem to work very well for it (he points straight up close to his stomach so there’s very little flexibility, if you know what I mean). We do doggy style on occasion but I find this a little less comfortable at times (I have a tilted uterus–retroverted uterus–which makes some positions uncomfortable. Does anyone else have this problem? And if so, what positions work best for you?). We’ve tried other positions but they just don’t seem to work for us very well. The missionary is the old tried and true and the one we use most often.

    Oh, and I agree… 69 rocks!!!! LOVE IT!!! Actually, cunnilingus is a big part of our sex life (hubby can’t get enough of it). I have never had an orgasm through intercourse but I always come multiple times through oral. I think we have tried every possible position for oral sex imaginable.

  21. Right there with you on the security factor. ^_^

  22. Oh, there’s another reason my hubby loves cowgirl and doggy style so much: he loves seeing my boobs bouncing up and down (cowgirl) and hanging freely and swinging to and fro (doggy). He’s a very visual kinda guy : )

  23. YEP!

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