Chapter 10: Lord, Prepare Me to Be a True Worshiper

This is my favorite chapter in this whole book so far!  I LOVE to worship!  All of my Facebook friends have to endure my worship on my page… I go to youtube when the Spirit moves me and I type in one of my favorite Christian Contemporary groups/singers.   It could be Chris Tomlin… Paul Baloche…. 10th Avenue North… Hillsong…. Mercy Me…. I pick one of their songs…and of course, as I am listening to it, there in the right sidebar is a listing of MORE songs that I love!  So I link the one I am listening to on my Facebook page, and I am off!

Music is my way to worship.   Being a musician myself, not only does the music move me, I love listening to the words.   I hear God speaking to me, reminding me of things that I have forgotten.  When I am awakened at night by a bad dream, I start singing praise songs in my head to calm me down.   When I am at work feeling especially stressed out about something, I open a window on my computer and start Pandora on a Christian contemporary page.   It has such a calming, soothing effect.  At work, I probably drive people nuts going around singing praise songs out of the blue.  But it’s my way to worship.   I love to worship with music.

I liked the comment Stormie made “When I praised and worshiped God, it was like being hooked up to a spiritual IV.”  – YES!  That is exactly how I feel.  Everything melts away… anxiety … GONE.  fear… GONE.  confusion … GONE.  worry … you got it!  GONE!

We have just recently started attending a new church.  One of the first things my husband and I noticed was that the worship leader chose songs….sometimes really old praise songs… but the congregation was singing it.  Not just singing… belting out songs.   “Heart of Worship” … have you ever heard 200 people singing it in a small worship center before the sermon?   We’ve been to churches where some people sing, but most just stand there… totally unmoved.   This new church … it’s invigorating to be among 200 people who are singing praises to the Lord corporately.   It’s really moving.

So, I will leave you with one of my favorite songs that I start one of my Facebook “worship services” with.   It always reminds me that God is so much bigger than me, and I am so small … I am so unworthy, but he believes I am so worth it.   It is so overwhelming to realize at what great lengths God will go for me.   I am blessed.

Hope this takes you on a “Facebook worship session”… or just hang out on youtube and listen.  🙂

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  1. Lovely message! I seem to relate really well with you. I am also a worship with music person. I am a singer and I find that when I sing to God is when I feel him most. Some people it is through hearing the Word, others by other things but definately I hear from God and feel God move in me and through me through singing to HIM.

    I love worship and I too LOVE Casting Crowns. I seen them live once and it was amazing. They are beautiful people and their music is heartfelt and real. Worship speaks into the depths of my heart and in doing so, that is where God is found! He loves us so much that he chose to give his Son as a sacrifice that he would come and die for us and choose to dwell in the depths of our hearts! Sinners now forgiven, justified and purified by Jesus Christ our Saviour! Amazing.

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