Sentence Starters

Finish the following sentence in the comment box:


I feel empowered, like a hot & confident woman, whenever I wear ____________.



  1. My stelletto heel, above the knee, black leather boots. 🙂

  2. a really sexual lingerie outfit….sheer bra and panties, garter belt and stockings with heels….DH is in my complete control then!

  3. A nice pair of good fitting jeans, a feminine shirt and a nice pair of high heels with my hair curled!

  4. A black corset, garter and stockings, and high heels. He loves it when I’m in charge!

  5. High-heeled FMP’s!

  6. Honestly, clothes don’t make me feel any more or less “empowered…hot…confident.” For me these are attitudes that go far beyond clothing. For me, relying on clothing to help me have these attitudes about myself is shallow. May not be the same for everyone but for me this question seems silly.

  7. my black leather ankle boots When I wear them it always put me in a sexy and empowered mood. 🙂

  8. My tall black boots with a mini (not micro mini, just mini) skirt.

  9. My black trench coat or one of my dresses and my newest pair of sandals.

  10. I feel empowered, like a hot & confident woman, whenever I wear heals and my hair is down.

  11. at the moment it’s my red thong that has a diamond shaped heart at the centre back. When I bend down near my hubby it rises just above my jeans so he can see it. A sneak peak during a busy time works up an appetite for later when we’re alone.

  12. Skinny jeans and high heel boots!

  13. me too!

  14. I understand where you’re coming from. If a woman doesn’t have a foundation of confidence inside, clothes won’t fix that. (So “relying ” on wardrobe for strength in this area is not a viable option.) But, a great outfit can really bring out the best in many women – myself included – and helps us flaunt & celebrate what’s already there. Its an awesome feeling that I wish every woman could have at least once.

  15. Any of my 4″ plus heels! (I’m already 5’10”!)

  16. Black pencil dress my DH bought for me last year!

  17. Me too! Man I feel sexy in heels, and my husband loves it. He’s 6’6″ and loves my height.

  18. A smile

  19. When I’m on top, and I know without a Doubt my husband wants me 😉

  20. Jeans with a lace thong underneath and my heels.

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