There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

In December,  we celebrate our fourth anniversary of running the Christian Nymphos (CN) blog. What an amazing blessing it has been to us to hear testimony after testimony from women who are discovering our blog and finding it a source of encouragement that they could not find anywhere else. That is what has kept the fire in our bellies for the years that we have fervently been blogging our ideas and opinions each and every week on the benefits of a spicy marriage bed. God is so good.

This past summer, however, both Cumingirl and Cinnamonsticks began sensing that their efforts towards maintaining their ministry on CN were overtaking things that ought to have a higher priority. In prayerfully seeking the Lord for wisdom on what to do, the Lord released them from the CN ministry, but they would finish off the year with SpicyNutmeg.

With just the three of us remaining as the founders of CN we intensively discussed what direction to go in with the blog since two of us were released from the ministry and one still felt commissioned to continue ministering in this way to married women. Managing all of the content and moderation of comments on articles dating back 4 years takes a great deal of time and energy for one person, and so we have come to the following decision.

SpicyNutmeg is starting a daughter blog. The new blog will have threads connecting back and forth with CN so you will still be able to have access to both blogs, but commenting on CN will cease to be available on December 18, 2011. SpicyNutmeg’s new blog is called MonogablissIt will begin Monday, December 19.  The content will still be basically the same with some new features. The link is provided above if you click on the blog name.  The guidelines and formats will be very similar to what you are used to on Christian Nymphos. With permission, she will bring over some of the articles that we have written in the past and will link them back to CN. It is her hope that the Monogabliss name will be a more “user friendly” name that you will feel comfortable with sharing the information with other married friends and pastors.

Message from SpicyNutmeg:   First of all, I want to thank all our faithful readers for coming back day after day.  It has really overwhelmed me, but blessed me at the same time to see the number of people who visit this blog daily.   When we first began this blog, I never imagined that we would still be around posting after 4 years.  When the six of us first met and became friends, we started talking about how we felt that God was calling us to a Mission field.  One in which the church never seems to want to pass along the RIGHT information, and one in which our parents and society may have given us the WRONG information, and we were living our married sex lives in a bed of lies from the Prince of Lies…I didn’t think there was much I could offer since I was coming out of years as a refuser, but I felt God telling me that my story needed to be told, and there were other women like me who needed to hear the truth.  So, I plunged into this adventure hoping that God would keep me from sinking.

I truly miss my sisters in Christ who started this blog with us, but could not continue.  GingerMama, Peppermintgirl and Sugar and Spice contributed many wonderful articles in our early years.   I want to thank Cumingirl and Cinnamonsticks for their support and friendship over these many years.  They are not just friends to me, they are my sisters.   I want to thank all of you for allowing me to tell my story and passing along any tidbits of truth that I had.  You have blessed me more than you can know, and I am going to miss CN.  I hope that you will join with me on Monogabliss and help me to continue the ministry that God has called me to do.  I do not feel released like my sisters yet.  I think God has more work to do with me and for me.   Thank you for trusting complete strangers to help you make your marriage bed the best and the hottest it can be!

Message from Cumingirl: Saying “goodbye” is never easy, and this one is no different.  When we started CN 4 years ago, with all our energies and enthusiasm, I never thought that I’d be leaving 4 years later.  Much is different now in my own life, and so goes the winds of change.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to write on CN, and I am so thankful for my fellow spice sisters, whom I consider to be lifelong friends.  Watching our readership grow was fascinating, and seeing many of you come together on our forum to laugh together, cry together, encourage and support one another, was inspiring.  Thank you all so much for following us and commenting and asking questions.  May our Lord continue to heap blessings on your marriages for years to come!

Message from Cinnamonsticks:   Thank you for the way you have become involved and invested in our blog. It means the world to me to know that I had a part in encouraging you. It is my passion in life to help others and I have appreciated the opportunity to speak into your life. It humbles me to consider how many women have been positively impacted because of my contribution here. Even though the Lord has released me from ministry there will be a time of grieving in my heart as I let go of this ministry. It has been a significant part of my life for a long time and God has used it to refine my character. Thank you for all the times you said “Amen” to my articles or left a comment saying how much CN has helped you. I will forever remember the platform I was given here to share my heart honestly.


  1. I only found this blog a couple of months ago and it has been such a blessing to me. Thank you CN for all you’ve done. I pray the Lord will use and encourage you as you move on to new things.

  2. Thank you so much for this site and your ministry to all of us. It has really been a blessing to me. I hate to see it end, but look forward to the new blog. May God bless all of you in your new endeavors.

  3. i must admit i’m sad at the ending of posts on this site, but i am excited for monogabliss’ potential! i know CN has been such a fantastic tool for my husband and i–i’m so glad there’s still one person with the ability in their season of life to continue another similar ministry!

    thankyou so much!

  4. I discovered CN about a year ago and my life has been forever changed. Thank you answering the call that God gave you for this ministry. You created a place for us to learn, to share and to encourage each other to be the best wives ever. God bless you.

  5. It’s about time us Godly Gals stand up and have a little fun in the bedroom and enjoy our husbands fully! I am so so so very impressed and encouraged by this blog! May God continue to bless the socks off it 🙂

  6. I’ve only been here for a mon! What a blessing you all have been to my marriage. My question is, will we still be able to get here and read all the old stuff?, I have barely started.

  7. Yes, you will still be able to read everything. It’s just the commenting that will be shut down. The 900+ articles from the last 4 years are going to remain published. 🙂

  8. The actual modarators made a great team, giving us a wonderful approach on how to be successful lovers within the marriage bed.

    Thanks for the time you spent in delivering uplifting messages for a better way of life with our spouse.

    Needless to say that what you did on that blog, must have been a full time job of service unto others (all of us reading your comments…and trying to find out if it would work out in our bedrooms) .

    Be blessed with your righteous desires as you move along in your family life. I shall always remember you as you helped me in so many ways


  9. Just a question: in your new blog, shall I be able to keep the user name I have on CN?

  10. Everything should work exactly the same on Monogabliss as it does here. You shouldn’t have to change a thing! Pray for me as I get it ready for publication on December 19 that the transition from here to there will go smoothly!

  11. Awww! I am terribly sadden by this news but so over joyed by the works that God has done through you wonderful ladies. I have so much to thank you for but most of all for making my marriage bed one of pure love and uninhibited passion. I pray all the blessings that God has in store for each one of you and your families. I will be following the daughter site with just as much support!

  12. I found CN at just the right time, while I was engaged to DH. Your wonderfully thoughtful, envelope pushing, articles helped me decide from the very start what kind of wife I wanted to be, and added spice to our first year of marriage! Thanks and God bless you.

  13. I am a rather reserved person and I don’t generally comment on things, but I couldn’t go without saying something. I just found your site about 8 months ago and I am so thankful! I have been married for 21 years and my relationship with my husband had not been what it should have been…probably ever. I discovered your site and I read the book “Sheet Music” and between the two I found a whole new outlook on things. I want to say you have been a blessing to my husband and myself! Thank you for all that you have done on CN and I look forward to what you will continue to do on Monogabliss. God bless!

  14. I just found this blog a few days ago. I was so excited to find a helpful place that encourages me to express my sexuality with my husband, while having a foundation on the God. This site has been so helpful for me because my husband and I are newly married – about a month and a half. And so we’re very inexperienced. My self-confidence and boldness has grown and I’m getting better at expressing wants, desires, needs, and also making my husband feel desired and cared for. I’m sad to hear that you won’t be posting anymore, but so happy that I’ll still be able to access your previous posts.

    You ladies have been so helpful to me and my hubby. Thank you!

  15. Dear Spicy Nutmeg,
    Christian Nymphos has greatly increased my ability to enjoy sex as God intended it. God has used this site to show me so many things, as simple as new positions and ideas on new products to try and as spiritual as seeing sex as worship of our Creator. I am glad that this blog will be continued. I think its ministry is very needed on our culture. I would like to become involved. I have authored and maintained several websites over the years and I would love to help you. If you are open to this please email me. Thank You!

  16. Really sorry to see you ladies go. This site has been such a blessing. Over the last 2 years it’s been my wedding gift to every friend that got married. I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve shared this link with. I even posted it on FB! May God grant you the grace to keep up the good work Spicy Nutmeg (and possibly, new co-writers 🙂

    Remain fruitful, in every way.

  17. I am so happy that we have been able to help you with our blog. At this time, I am not looking for any co-authors, but I appreciate your offer! Just pray for me!

  18. Thanks for all you have done in my life (my hubbie thanks you all too)! I admire your faithfulness to be what God is asking you to be! I cant wait to see what Spicy Nutmeg has in store! Many blessings!

  19. Toasting you ladies with sparkling cider or champagne or whatever…Here is to new callings, to lasting friendships, and to spicy married sex! Good Luck and Thank you for the part you played in saving my marriage and bringing my DH and I joy!

  20. Reminder: Commenting on this blog will cease to be available commencing on December 18. On December 19th please check out the NEW BLOG. A link will be added to this article once the new blog is live. Cheers!

  21. The link is on the italicized portion of this blog post already. There will be nothing to see until Monday when it opens. See you then!!

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