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I thought it was a nice idea to have an article devoted to men’s lingerie.  Of course we women like to dress up sexy for our husbands, but sometimes we forget about the other side of that coin.  Some of you women out there who are visual (like me) may find that you really get turned on seeing your husband in something silky or tight fitting.  Think of your man in a nice pair of tight jeans… does that do anything for you?  Well, if so, then what would you think about seeing him in some form fitting silk undies or some satin pajamas?  And think about him for a minute.  Would it give him a little ego boost to know that he was eye candy for you for a change?  Let’s look at some of the different things out there for men.


Satin Boxers

Satin Boxers

Men who like boxers have it pretty easy.  There are so many different kinds of silk or satin boxers out there in all different colors, and they are pretty easy to find.  The fitted boxers are easily available as well.  I love seeing my husband in fitted boxer briefs because they hug him in all the right places!  They give him a nice rounded rear and a nice front ‘package’ that is very much a turn on!




Some men like to wear briefs, and that’s fine too!  If your husband doesn’t want to let go of his briefs, then you could look for something a little dressy for him.  They do make silk/satin briefs for men that outline his ‘package’ in nice shiny colors!  Your husband may find that he really likes the feel of the silk/satin against his skin, and you may find that you like seeing him in fancy underwear!




There are also thongs for men.  My husband has already told me that I had better not buy him one, although I have heard several men say that they never thought they would wear one until they tried one.  They say it isn’t as uncomfortable as they thought it would be.  These men also really like the reaction they get out of their wives!




Don’t forget that there are also options of see through undies for men too!  I bought my husband a nice pair of black sheer (see through) boxers a couple of years ago, and let me tell you girls, THOSE THINGS ARE HOT! (I put it in his Christmas stocking 😎 ) You can also find see through thongs and briefs.


Silk PJ's

Silk PJ's

Another nice thing on the market for men is silk or satin pajamas.  Usually it comes in a set of pants/shirt or shorts/shirt.  These are especially nice in the wintertime when it’s cold outside.  He can slide into his nice silky pj’s and cuddle with you.  You can also mix and match by getting him some sexy undies and a nice satin robe to go over it!


As a woman I know that sometimes lingerie helps me to feel sexy.  I think we need to remember that if it works that way for us, it may work that way for men too.  Ask your husband if he’d like to pick out something nice to wear for you sometime.  Or, if you think he’d like a surprise, order something for him and ask him to wear it for you.  (Passions Lingerie has some nice things for men!Don’t forget to compliment him on it and let him know how it makes you feel to see him in it! It will make him feel good and you may be surprised at how it affects your arousal level too!


All Things Crotchless!

So ladies, do you own anything crotchless?  You know, lingerie that is “open”?  If you don’t then let me take this opportunity to recommend some things to you!

Crotchless panties are really nice!  When you first get them, you may think they look kind of strange.  When I got my first pair, it actually took me a minute or two to figure out how to put them on.  😳   But once I had them on, I felt a bit empowered.  I walked around with my sexy little secret trying to decide when to tell my husband.  And when he found out what I had bought and was wearing, of course it made his anticipation go up!  Here are a couple of examples of what they look like.  The first one is backless panties and it is great for rear entry positions because it frames your hiney for him!  All of these pictures are of mannequins:

Crotchless teddies or body stockings are even better!  Those of you with body image issues listen up!  If you can find a good crotchless teddy (or body stocking), then you will have your body covered in lace or satin, and you won’t have to remove it to have sex.  You and your husband are able to make love while you keep your teddy on, and you don’t have to worry about your love handles or tummy area!

Making love with crotchless lingerie is an awesome feeling.  It’s nice eye candy for your husband too, especially if you have an open bust!  Many of the crotchless teddies and bodysuits also come with an open bust area, so that your husband has access to your breasts.  That way he is still able to see them and give you stimulation there as well.  A perfect example is the Open Front Teddy.

It was very hard searching for examples to link to without having scantly clad models pop up on my screen.  I wrote to Passions Lingerie and told them of my dilemma.  They stocked examples of what I requested and then displayed them on mannequins.  I am so appreciative to them for their help. So, to see further examples of things that are crotchless, you can now click here, guilt free, to view the pieces. The wonderful thing about Passions Lingerie (also known as Three Passions Gifts)  is that you are also able to show it to your husband and get his opinion on the lingerie without subjecting him to half naked women.

Three Passions Gifts

We wanted to take a moment to let you know a little about the newest addition to our blogroll at the right.  Three Passions Gifts is a small business started by a husband and wife team.  They decided they were going to create a “marriage-friendly” lingerie store, where couples could shop for lingerie without worrying about scantly clad models.  You can read more about them here.

You will not find pornographic materials or live models on their site.  Instead, they put their lingerie on mannequins.  They have size charts, gift certificates, and even offer a men’s collection!  I was just over there and noticed a nice selection of discontinued items at good prices.  They also carry a Kama Sutra line with massage oils, powders, and lubes.

So if you are looking for something for Valentine’s Day coming up, then go check them out!  They offer telephone assistance for those of you needing ordering or sizing help.

Back to Basics

So much lingerie… so little time! So, what should I get?

One of the easiest ways all of us can spice up our bedroom attire is by purchasing bras & panties. And if you’re anything like me and sometimes deal with buyer’s remorse, you can make yourself feel better by saying, “They’re not only cute and sexy, but practical too.” There are so many styles of bras & undies to choose from, that you should be able to find something to suit your taste… or that of your man! Let’s take a look at some options.

Panties: I would say that the most utilitarian of all styles of underwear would have to be the thong. Why do I say that? Because not only are they sexy, but you don’t have to worry about V.P.L. (visible panty line) underneath clothing. Bikinis, briefs, G-Strings, crotchless, boy shorts and cheeky panties are some other viable alternatives. (Don’t underestimate the power of a pair of cotton bikinis with a ribbed tank top. Sometimes simplicity has the biggest impact!)

Bras: One tip about buying bras is to definitely have a bra fitting from the store in which you would like to make your purchase. There are few things less irritating than wearing an ill fitting bra… and annoying usually doesn’t translate to sexy. Stores from Victoria’s Secret to JC Penney to Lane Bryant offer this free service, so take them up on it and get your “girls” in the right cup! Cleavage enhancing, push-up, open tip, corsets and shelf bras might all be something new that you may want to try.

The possibilities are endless for under garment combinations. You can by sets or mix & match. Pick from satin, cotton, leather, lace, rhinestone embellished… or even edible! Not all bras and panties need to have dual purposes. It’s okay to treat yourself to something ultra seductive with only one thing in mind. By having these versatile pieces, it is by far the easiest way to transition from an evening out to an evening in. There’s no time wasted.  Just peel off your outer clothing and let the games begin!

Intimate Jewelry

There are several options out there regarding erotic jewelry. Some people have piercings in certain places, but that is too permanent an option for me. I’m also afraid of nerve damage. So I’ve looked into some other options and came across some interesting things.

We own a couple of penis rings. My husband mainly wears them for me. They have vibes and nubs on them for my pleasure. But I’ve recently looked into other penis rings. They make some pretty ones. I’ve also found that you can get sterling silver or gold ones to wear like jewelry! They actually serve two different purposes. Besides looking nice, they can also be used to help control the blood flow to the penis. This helps with maintaining erections. I found a site that is pretty clean (no nudity or live models). You can see what an adjustable sterling silver penis ring looks like by clicking here. This site also explains how to get an accurate measurement so that you will order the correct size.

I’ve also found some erotic jewelry for women. There are some beautiful nipple rings out there. It is hard to find a clean site though. Ebay offers the best assortment and no nude people modeling the jewelry. Here is one woman who makes them and sells them. Most of them are adjustable, and from what I’ve read, you need to get your nipples hard before you can wear them. Then they clamp on. I just think it would be something different to try one night after a shower. I wonder if it would add more stimulation when your husband is sucking on them.

They also have some amazing clitoris clips. I really want to get a matching set of nipple/clit clips. The clit clips work best when you are already aroused as well. They slide down over your clitoris. I’ve even found some labia clips that clip to the left and right side of your labia. They have a “bridge” in between that stimulates your clitoris. I found that pretty interesting, although I’m not sure how that would work during sex?

And then I found some pasties! These things are beautiful!! I really do see myself putting an order in soon for some of these. This same site also has some other erotic jewelry like clit clips/nipple jewelry/belly chains/navel rings. But beware that they do use live women models in these last two links.

So far I haven’t bought anything yet, but I’ve wanted to for months now. Maybe some day I’ll take the plunge and order something for us to play around with. I don’t think I’ll tell my husband though. I think I’ll surprise him.


Vision of Love

Skimpy, satin, cotton, see-thru, mesh, lace, rubber, edible, silk, leather, rhinestones, costumes, peek-a-boo… SEXY! What do all these adjectives describe? It’s none other than LINGERIE. Intimate apparel manufacturers make millions of dollars per year selling these small items of clothing. Thankfully, they cater to all makes and models of women, because many of us know that one size doesn’t always fit most.

Just the word, lingerie, can make us feel a plethora of emotions. Some of us are empowered while wearing special bedroom outfits; others feel very awkward at the thought. I wasn’t always keen on wearing sexy outfits, because I knew that it would make my husband intentionally look at me and I wasn’t comfortable enough in my own skin to receive all that attention. You may be thinking… well, didn’t he see you naked? Of course, he did, but there was just something different about dressing up for him that I didn’t like.

Not too long ago, he reminded me of a conversation that we had before our honeymoon. We were in a store and I was browsing through their selection of unmentionables, looking for something simple to get for our honeymoon. He saw a garter set and asked “What about something like this?” I was shocked at his suggestion and replied “You’re crazy if you think I’d wear something like that! Those are for prostitutes and strippers!” Little did I know that at that moment, I crushed one of his fantasies.

Over the years, I bought a few items here and there to wear on certain occasion, but I never did it for me. It was a sacrifice that I made to please my husband. It was about seven years into our marriage and right before Valentine’s Day when a light bulb went off in my head when it came to lingerie and my husband. I should ask my husband what he would like to see! What a novel idea, right? My thinking began to change… it should no longer be a sacrifice for me to look sexy for my darling, but it should please me to please him. So, when I asked him what he would like to see for Valentine’s Day, he was surprised and excited. I went to the Mall and looked at lingerie with my husband in mind… again, a new idea to me. And when the day came for the fashion debut… it was a hit! He enjoyed the ensemble, I enjoyed the attention and my mindset was transforming.

All it took was that first step for change to begin. And with much encouragement from my hubby (and the Lord), he helped me change my mental image of my body. He loved me and wanted to see me even if I wasn’t the same size I was when we first married. I had new bumps and curves and he was in love with every single one! It made me want to buy more and more… all different styles, colors and textures. I no longer think that certain items are off limits and my spouse couldn’t be happier with the outfits that I have.

So… you may have a few questions, like:

“Do all men like lingerie?” And the answer to that would be, no. But, the majority of men are visual and there’s an easy way to find out if your hubby falls into that category: simply ask. Find out if he would like you to have bedroom attire and what he would like to see you wearing.

“If my husband says he doesn’t like it, can I try it out anyway?” And that’s a definite yes. Some gals like to dress up because it makes them feel good and if that’s you then more power to you. Lingerie can be thought of as gift wrap! Wearing something that makes you feel sexy will help you feel confident… and confidence is SEXY!

“What if my husband suggests something that I don’t like?” I’d encourage you to start out with an item that you do like, but get a color that he likes. Then you can try something new. You might surprise yourself once you step out of the box!

Look for more upcoming articles that delve into different types of lingerie and accessories. In the mean time, start to see yourself through your husband’s eyes. And remember that we are all wonderfully made in the sight of our Lord.

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