Monday’s Mission #130

Since this is the last mission of the year and this Monday Mission feature may be replaced with something new in 2011, your mission is to remember that any one of these one hundred and thirty missions could be done at any time to bless your husband. Take time to read through them every so often to see if there are ways that you could offer a reminder of how much you love your husband. Some of them are physical challenges and some of them challenge us emotionally or spiritually. You’ll be blessed in the process too.

Monday’s Mission #129

I know, it’s Tuesday. Sorry for the delay on this one. Your mission this week is to try something in the bedroom that is new for you. Maybe something that you know your husband would like, but is a bit out of your comfort zone. Or something you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t had a chance to. What ideas do you have?

Monday’s Mission #128

Your mission this week is to get out a family board game and play it sex style. Change the rules so that clothing is removed or sexual favours are given for different parts of the game. What games would work with this?

Monday’s Mission #127

Your mission this week is to think about something sexy to give him for Christmas this year. An erotic story? A sex toy for both of you? A sexy song list for the bedroom? Take pole dancing lessons? All kinds of ideas. Feel free to share yours. 🙂

Monday’s Mission #126

Your mission this week is to give your husband a blow job or hand job while he is relaxing in one evening. Surprise him with an all for him experience. You might even want to dress in something that he finds especially sexy. A low cut top, lingerie, nothing at all?

Monday’s Mission #125

Your mission this week is to leave a series of notes for him to find all starting with “I love your…” Make some of them serious and some of them steamy. Speak to all that he is physically and emotionally. Have fun!

Monday’s Mission #124

Your mission this week is to come up with some code words for sex if you don’t already have some and then do some sexting and sexy emailing this week with those code words. Connecting like this while you are apart at work can be really fun foreplay.

Monday’s Mission #123

Your mission this week is take more time to kiss when you are home together. Be intentional about giving kisses when you greet and say goodbye. Take time to stop what you are doing to give unexpected kisses and let some of those kisses linger that would usually be quick ones. Just enjoy kissing a little more than normal this week.

Monday’s Mission #122

Your mission this week is to pop a peppermint altoid into your mouth just before going down on your husband. The minty sensation is an experience your husband won’t soon forget. Be aware that having PIV sex after giving oral with something sugary can mess with the PH of your vagina so if you want to move from oral to vaginal sex, you may want to wash him off first.

Monday’s Mission #121

Your mission this week is to make an acrostic poem for your husband with his name and tell him some of the attributes you admire about him using each letter of his name.

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