Weekly poll #122: What advice would you give/did you give your daughter on her wedding day about sex?

answer in the comment section….

Weekly poll #120: Were you referred to our site through the CN facebook page?

Weekly poll #119: What is your favorite book of the Bible?

post your answer in the comment section.

Weekly poll #118: What is your favorite Bible verse?

please post it in the comment section.

Weekly poll #117: What kind of music puts you in the mood?

If there are any I forgot or you would like me to add one to the poll, put it in the comment box and I will add it to the poll…..choose as many as you like!  🙂

Weekly poll #116: Who has the higher sex drive?

Weekly poll #115: How often does conflict with your spouse negatively affect your sex life?

Weekly poll #114: At what age did you start masturbating to orgasm?

Weekly poll #113: Exes and social media

Weekly poll #112: Social Media…which do you use?

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