Weekly poll #101: What kind of articles would you like to see more of on CN?

Okay, this isn’t your traditional poll like we usually do.  Taking a break from that for one week.  In the comment section below, if you have a certain topic that you would like to learn more about, please place a brief answer in the comment section below.  I will only be allowing answers to the QUESTION to be published, so if you are commenting further on something suggested, it will not be published.  The results of this week will help me establish a new poll next week that you can input which areas YOU are most interested in reading articles about.

Thank you for your help and understanding!  🙂

Weekly poll #100: How do you orgasm most of the time?

WOO HOO!  We made it to the century mark on polls!

Weekly poll #99: How long is your DH’s refractory period?

Weekly poll #98: What are your summer plans?

Choose as many as you like…..

Weekly poll #97: What attracted you most to your husband when you first met?

Weekly poll #96: What area of the world are you from?

Weekly poll #95: How often would YOU like to make love?

Weekly poll #94: Would you consider having breast augmentation or reduction surgery?

Weekly poll #93: How old were you when you were saved?

Weekly poll #92: How close have you ever come to having an affair?

If more than one response is appropriate, you many choose more than one.

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