Position #99: The Thigh Master

Here we go with another “outercourse” position!    Outercourse positions are great for those times when penis-in-vagina intercourse just isn’t possible (menstruation, infection, etc.)

For this position you will need two pieces of comfortable furniture such as the bed, sofa, chair, ottoman, or cushioned stool.  The wife will lie back onto something (an ottoman works great) and then put her feet up onto a higher piece of furniture or counter/table.  It actually works great if she can bend her knees over the other piece of furniture.  The other way to get into position is to have the wife lie down on one narrow but long piece of furniture.  Something like a chaise.  She will then need to raise her knees up and put her feet flat down.

The husband will stand over his wife, straddling her.  He will face her feet.  He can then insert his penis in between her lubed thighs and thrust.  He will be able to use his hands to compress her thighs together making it tighter for him.  He can also thrust right at her vertex so that his penis is rubbing up against her clitoris, giving her pleasure!

Pros: This is a great position to use when PIV isn’t possible!

Cons: It may be difficult to find the furniture needed to make this work.

Position #98: Back Door Buffet

position98backdoorbuffet (Custom)

Okay ladies, here is another great oral sex position devoted to you!  Have your husband sit down on the bed or floor, with his legs in front of him.  Have him bend his legs up at the knees and put his feet flat on the floor.  Then you will lay across his legs by putting your abdomen up on top of his knees.  You then just spill down his legs.  Your breasts should be on his shins and your head is in between his feet.  If you are in position correctly, your rear will be right there for his taking!  (Just let your legs fall towards his sides.

Now your husband is able to spread your cheeks and give you cunnilingus!  This is also a prime position for rimming.

Pros: Wonderful oral sex for you ladies!

Cons: The blood may rush to her head or her abdomen may hurt if he has bony knees!

Tip: Place a pillow over the husband’s knees to help cushion it.

Position #97: Lotus Inverted

This is an erotic missionary position that is great for all of you yoga wives out there.  To start out with the wife will need to get into the Lotus position, as seen in the above picture.  She then lies back, but brings her folded legs back with her.  The husband is able to enter her and assume his position on top.  Her folded legs will be in between their bodies.

This position, although hard to do for any length of time, is something that may be appealing for women who like to feel restrained at times.  This is because the wife’s legs are caught in between both spouses and she is unable to use them.

Pros: Tight entry for the husband.  Erotic kissing.

Cons: The wife needs to be very limber and flexible for this one.  Clitoral stimulation isn’t possible.

Position #96: Hungry Hungry Hippos

This is a great vaginal or anal sex position.  I wasn’t sure what to call it, but the position that the wife gets into kind of reminded me of that children’s game Hungry Hungry Hippos. 😆

The wife gets on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed, sofa, desk, or other furniture.  She then squats down so that her genitals are actually touching the bed and her legs are kind of spread out to her sides and bent.  She can stay up on her elbows.  It’s similar to the crouching woman in the picture at the top, except her legs need to be spread apart and her rear lowered.

The husband then walks up beside the bed and is able to enter her vaginally or anally.  He is able to thrust while holding on to her hips and she is able to reach in between her legs to rub or hold a vibe to herself.

Pros: This is a great position for anal sex.

Cons: You will need to find a piece of furniture that allows for both genitals to line up perfectly.

Position #95: The Flying Trapeze

This is the perfect position for any of you out there who have a swing set in your back yard!  You’ll also need a private yard.  Wait until your kids are gone to bed, or better yet send them to grandma’s house for the night.  This is also another standing position.

The wife jumps up and hangs from the top of the swing set.  She wraps her legs around her husband’s waist.  He is able to enter her and hold on to her rear as he thrusts.  She is able to just hold on to the top of the swing set and hang her head back.  She may be too high up to kiss, but he may be able to suck on her nipples.   You can also use the trapeze bar that comes with some swing sets.

Pros: The wife is able to help hold her own weight up.

Cons: Her arms/hands may grow tired after a few minutes.

Tip: You may be able to find another place in your home to do this position, such as a doorway or sturdy overhang.

Position #94: Rear View Mirror

This one goes out to all of you wild couples out there!  This is an unusual oral position that is sure to BLOW THE SOCKS off of your husbands.  If your husband has any kind of back issues, then you will need to SKIP over this one (seriously).

The husband stands beside the bed (or sofa) a couple of feet away with his legs spread apart.  He then bends over and braces himself on his arms/elbows.  The wife is already on the bed facing him.  She walks across the bed (yes, you read that right) and then lies down on top of him.  She needs to scoot all the way to where her head is hanging down his rear and her labia is mid way down his back.  Her feet can still be at the edge of the bed if she has long legs.

I know this position sounds kind of … quirky… but sometimes it’s the unusual ones that are the most fun!  Once in position, the wife is able to give oral attention to her husband’s anus, perineum, and testicles.  She is also able to reach around and give him a hand job at the same time!  If she isn’t coordinated enough to do all of it, then the husband can masturbate himself while she is busy in back!

Pros: This is great for men who like to be rimmed and for men who like to orgasm standing up.

Cons: The blood may rush to the wife’s head after a little while.  **Make sure that you do not attempt this if the husband has back problems.

Position #93: Mount Up

This position is very similar to Position #43:  The Tie-Me-Up Tango, except the roles are reversed!

The husband will need to lie down and get into position, just like the picture above, except he can relax his hands/arms.  This will elevate him for his wife to ride!  She can then mount up and go to town as she wishes!  She can face forward, backwards, be on her knees or on her flat feet.  The husband can either lay flat or he can raise himself up on his elbows and watch his beautiful wife bumping and grinding!

Pros: Ladies, you are in control for this one!  And with your husband elevated just a little, it’s sure to be an interesting ride!

Cons: The husband will need to be limber for this one!

Position #92: Standing Proud

This is another standing position that may be a little tighter than previous standing positions.  In this one, the husband and wife stand together facing each other.  The husband then lifts one leg and puts it up on the bed, sofa, chair, etc.  The wife keeps both of her feet planted firmly on the ground.

The husband may need to squat a little in order to enter her.  They can hug and kiss and fondle each other.   Both can use the others derrière to grab onto and help control the thrusting.

Pros: Tighter feeling for the husband.  Kiss and fondle as much as you like!

Cons: May be slightly awkward at first.  You may need to use another position for the wife before or after this one.

Tip: For couples with a large height discrepancy, try having the wife stand on something like an aerobic step or small stool.

Position #91: In The Groove

This position is very much like Position #85:  Shake Your Tail Feathers, except this version has the husband sitting in a chair.  It works best if the chair is next to the bed.

The husband sits in a chair and the wife will sit in his lap facing away from him.  He will enter her and then she will lean forward and lay down across his lap and onto the bed (or sofa).  She will let her legs bend at the knees and curl up along her husband’s sides.  The husband can control the thrusting and will have her hips to hold on to, while she can lie all the way down or keep herself up on her forearms.

Pros: The husband is able to give his wife anal stimulation.

Cons: Clitoral stimulation may be hampered in this position.

Position #90: Peek A Boo

position90peekaboo (Custom) (Custom)

This is an unusual position that lets the husband see everything as it’s happening.  You will need two pieces of furniture that are kind of close together.

The wife will lay flat on her back on the bed or sofa, facing the ceiling, with her rear kind of hanging off the side of the bed a little.  The husband will walk up to her, in between her legs, and then turn around so that his back is facing her.  She will then lift her legs up as he crouches down to enter her.  He can bend over and lean onto a nightstand, chair, or other piece of furniture to help him keep stable, and as he does this he simply looks in between his own legs to see the action.

The wife can keep her legs together to make it tighter, or she can hold her legs apart a little if it’s more comfortable for her.

Pros: The husband gets to see a great show, which is even hotter if the wife rubs her own clitoris.

Cons: Both spouses may tire of this one early, but it’s a unique one to try.

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